Bible Absurdity? How to be a Good Christian according to Jacob?

Our friend SlimJim has hit the nail on the head today–don’t miss this one!

It’s humbling to realize that God is able to make use of us even while we’re sinners.   –LD

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  1. A very well taken point on the part of Slim Jim. Jesus is our example, and even men known in the Bible as righteous fall far short when compared to such a standard. Even Abraham, a man God referred to as being His friend, did some things which were not morally upright. The Bible account tells of his fathering a child by his wife’s servant. It didn’t separate Abraham from God’s favor, but Abraham paid a price for his actions. There was strife in his household thereafter.

    Among the various servants of God in the Bible, there are all sorts of examples which involve sin, sometimes serious sin. Peter denied Jesus three times; that’s pretty serious. The sons of Jacob laid waste to the household of Schechem, deliberately and with malice, yet they were still instrumental in God’s purposes.

    One huge misconception is that the men of faith in the Bible were in all ways, positive examples. Their faith may have been laudable, even exemplary, but they were as flawed as any of us. We imitate their faith, their trust, not only in God, but also in the fact that God will fulfill all of His promises. That’s what is important, the fact that our God will remain true to His promises and that we can trust in our salvation.

    Only under the reign of Christ Jesus will mankind be capable of living up to God’s standards, but our God can accomplish His purposes and utilize fallen humans to accomplish His work.

  2. The bible is full of imperfect people, and it doesn’t shy away from that fact. But thank goodness we don’t have to be perfect, otherwise none of us would make it. The very name of Jacob means “supplanter” which is defined as “to take the place of (another), as through force, scheming, strategy, or the like.” But they ignore that God delt with Jacob and his name was changed to Israel, which means “prince with God, or, power with God.” After that, he became a new man and put his scheming ways behind him. In the same manner, God deals with us. We are all works in progress.

    As for the skeptics, they don’t believe the Bible except when they think it puts it in a bad light. I like what Dr. Benjamin Wike said: ”
    Skepticism is a kind of intellectual disease that generally arises among people who are both well fed and well read.” Skepticism and atheism are intertwined. I do believe the only reason why atheism exists is an antithesis to theism. I’ve speculated that it couldn’t survive without theism, it would lose its reason for being, but theism can survive just fine without atheism.

    Anyways, good article SlimJim

    1. Correction, that should have been Benjamin Wiker. I got that from his book “10 Book That Screwed Up The World” which is worth reading.

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