The Good Guys Win One

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No, I will not post any more photos of the Drag Queen Story Hour. Here’s a tiger swallowtail butterfly instead. God’s stuff is better!

This doesn’t happen anywhere near as often as it should, so when it does, we ought to celebrate it, embrace it, and actively try to keep it going.

Houston residents have forced their City Council and library board to move the infamous “Drag Queen Story Hour” out of the public library ( Please click the link to to see powerful video of the eloquent protests made at a Feb. 19 council meeting. Twenty-one-gun salute to Mass Resistance for leading the charge.

The fight’s not over, though. The council cut its official ties to the “event,” but it was only moved out of the public library and into a “gay church,” whatever kind of monstrosity that may be. Parents have continued to protest outside the alleged church–because they want the whole country to know that the “Drag Queen Story Hour” is an abominable campaign by really bad people to recruit children into their ranks. In so doing, they violate any number of city ordinances.

It truly must be stopped.

We also learn from the videos that the Houston City Council has more than its share of Far Left fat-heads who despise ordinary decent people, mock our Christian religious beliefs, sneer at our families, and firmly believe that they are totally entitled to lord it over us.

Again we see a quite small group of people pushing their own warped notions on the rest of us–and getting away with it because normal people really don’t want to devote big chunks of their lives to political confrontation. We want to live in peace, raise our families, get our work done, and be left alone.

But these utopian self-anointed change agents will not leave us alone.

One thing we can be sure of. The more of us who devote some serious time to fighting these crazies–and we vastly outnumber them–the greater chance we have of winning. They are not invincible. They are not unstoppable. We do not have to live with any “Drag Queen Story Hour.” We can stop it.

If God were a man, we’d be able to hear him saying “Don’t make me come down there!”

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