Another Win for the Good Guys!

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Free to create his art as he sees fit

I can hardly believe it–two wins for our side in the same week! (See Monday’s post, March 4, “The Good Guys Win One”)

Yesterday the Colorado “Civil Rights” Commission agreed to drop its campaign against a Christian baker’s civil rights if he’d agree not to sue them (

Jack Phillips, of Masterpiece Cake Shop, was in the nooze last year when the government bullies in Colorado tried to force him to design a cake for a homosexual “wedding”–which, it being an abomination, he refused to do. The case went to the U.S. Supreme Court, who ruled that the state of Colorado had judged Phillips unfairly, being motivated by the commission’s hostility to Christians and Christian belief. [Question: In a country full of Christians, how do people who hate Christians wind up with power over Christians? Can anybody explain how that works?]

On the same day SCOTUS announced its ruling, the commission came after Phillips again, this time with a complaint that he’d refused to make a “gender transition” cake, celebrating some guy calling himself a girl–which, of course, is another abomination. So this time Phillips sued them–and this time they’ve backed down.

Now, is his persecution over, or will they go for the hat trick and try to force him to design, oh, a cake celebrating pedophilia or some such thing?

But for the time being, it has not yet been established in America that any agency of government, or any little gang of whining kooks, has the authority to dictate the content of a work of art. For the Left, stifling dissenting speech isn’t enough anymore: they want to force you to say and do things that lacerate your conscience.

May God smite them.

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