If Your Bunny’s Mommy Is a Cat…

Cats are really good at being mothers, and pretty generous about it, too. If kittens, or a human baby, aren’t available, well–bunnies will do. Even a baby chick will do. Anything, as long as it’s nice and fuzzy and needs a mommy. One of these cats has her own kittens and still adopts–and nurses–a bunny. And somehow a dog nursing a kitten got in here, too. Plenty of love to go around.

4 comments on “If Your Bunny’s Mommy Is a Cat…

  1. That was heartwarming. Somehow, the very first clip really touched me, the chick wanting to be sheltered by the cat and the cat being so affectionate to the chick. I guess that humans and animals both appreciate someone warm and cuddly.

    As I write, my own little cuddle bug is lying beside me, on my chair. It’s a wonderful gift from God Himself.

    1. Did you notice how the cat made a scarcely audible little vocalization to the chick, and then the chick–as if the cat had invited it to do so–dove under the cat, just as if she’d been a hen? That’s a very complicated transaction, well beyond the powers of simple biological machines.

    2. I deed I did. That is amazing. There is something in many of these animal videos that borders on the miraculous. Maybe it’s just part of the everyday miracle of life, but it’s powerful.

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