The Next Book… ?

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Spring is in the air, and once it’s here for good, I’ll want to get busy with the next Bell Mountain book.

I don’t think I’ll be using the lake monster from The Temple, but really, you never know.

The way it works, I have to wait for the Lord to give me the seed of a story. It might be a dream, or a new character that pops into my head, or a compelling incident, or something as simple as a title. Then I can get going. I can’t actually generate one of these books on purpose. It doesn’t work that way.

Of course, I did leave some loose ends to tie up, as I concluded His Mercy Endureth Forever–with, I might add, a climax that was completely unexpected but also wholly logical. Who’s in charge, in Obann City? Whose ships are those, out there on the sea?

I wish I knew!

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  1. I wonder about how you manage writing it our on paper first. How do you go back and correct sections that need correcting? If I did something your way it would end up being a mess with big Xs all over the place. I know R.J.Rushdoony could write out his essays mistake free because he had constructed the whole thing in his head before he put it to paper.

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