‘Testicular Bill of Rights’: Legislation or Satire?

Read the ‘testicular bill of rights,’ one lawmaker’s answer to antiabortion legislation

(Oh, please…!)

We think it’s satire; but then a lot of what Democrats say and do these days looks like satire, but it isn’t.

The Georgia Legislature passed a “heartbeat law” forbidding abortions after six weeks, when the baby develops a heartbeat. Unable to prevent the legislation, Georgia Democrats–they really do hate babies–cooked up some legislation of their own: a “testicular bill of rights.” (http://en.protothema.gr/us-dems-propose-bill-requiring-men-to-call-police-before-releasing-sperm/) We think they did it as a protest, not a bill requiring serious consideration, but we could be wrong.

Here are the bill’s provisions.

*A man would need permission from his “sex partner” to buy Viagra

*Outlaw vasectomies

*Sex without  a condom would be “aggravated assault”

*Child support to start as soon as a DNA test can confirm the baby’s father, to be administered one day after the heartbeat is detected. (Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I’d vote for it.)

*24-hour “waiting period” before a man can buy porn or sex toys. At one of those creepy little shops…

*Require any man 55 or older to “immediately report to the county sheriff or local law enforcement agency” whenever he “releases sperm from his testicles.” Of course, he could get around this by releasing sperm from some other part of his body. Ugh.

To make their point, Democrats posed outside the state house wearing costumes a la “The Handmaid’s Tale,” the leftid horror fantasy about poor oppressed women forced to have babies instead of aborting them like any normal feminist would do.

Again, it seems a pretty good bet that this so-called legislation is not a serious attempt at making law, but rather intended as a take-off and a protest. But again, who can be sure? Democrats hate babies. Democrats hate men. And they’re not entirely sane. So just watch out.

16 comments on “‘Testicular Bill of Rights’: Legislation or Satire?

    1. I’d rather have you ‘think” it’s satire than liberals thinking it’s not.

  1. We have them running scared on abortion. These recent late term abortion bills only prove how worried they are. I say we use the momentum and end Roe vs Wade once and for all.

    1. You know, I read that as “say” and never noticed it was really “saw.” I can try to edit it, but they’ve changed the procedure and I’m not sure I can do it.

    2. Please tell me how you did it. I’d rather not post a second “Oops” comment to correct a wrong ward.

    3. I can’t imagine Ginsburg will be around much longer (not that I wish anyone to die). But she must be running on fumes by now.

      p.s. Thanks for correcting my typo!

  2. Talk about adolescent lawmakers. There have been reports about a global hum that only 4%of people can hear that is causing headaches. Maybe the Georgia legislators who came up with this bill are among the 4%.

  3. There’s no sane way to deal with those infected with insane liberalitis except to avoid being contaminated by them.

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