Cats and Turtles

Cats don’t know quite what to make of turtles. Our cat Henry used to sit contemplating our painted turtle, who would swim around and around in hopes that Henry would feed him, because he was always fed by hand. Henry never came across with any snacks.

The turtles in this video have absolutely no fear of cats. They have given up hoping for snacks from that source.

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3 responses to “Cats and Turtles

  • unknowable2

    The story of your turtle wanting to be fed by your cat has always amazed me. I don’t know what to make of it, but I find it interesting.

    The turtles in the video seem unafraid of the cats. I had to laugh at the one cat the did the mock attack job on the turtle.

    • leeduigon

      The turtle, Clem, would be sitting on his rock, basking under the lamp; and when he saw Henry sit down by his bowl (he lived in a big plastic bowl), he’d slide into the water and swim around with his head raised expectantly–because that’s how he took his food from my fingers, they won’t eat if they’re not in the water. Alas, Henry just never came through with the goods. But this went on for years.

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