Flash! Joe Collidge Survives the Censor!

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Those of you who are fans of Joe Collidge–I do hope I’m talking about more than four or five people here–will be delighted to know that this week Joe has survived the Facebook censors and can thus reach another half a dozen readers.

I still don’t know why Facebook chose to stifle him last week. After all, he’s on their side. Joe Collidge is, I dare say, the authentic voice of the Left, whose insights are indispensable to anyone who wishes to understand progressive thinking.

I hear Nancy Pelosi wants to lower the voting age to 16. Don’t you think 14 would be better? Or 12? Joe was going to weigh in on this issue today, but I guess it slipped his mind.

3 comments on “Flash! Joe Collidge Survives the Censor!

  1. Why have any voting limits at all? (Oh, I know: because it’s so much fun — and so lucrative — to cheat on them.)

  2. The real reason for lowering the voting age to 16 is so they can lower the age of sexual consent. The Left’s platform is sex & circuses to keep the ruck dumbed-down while they perform their black magic.

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