Church of Norway ‘Apologizes’ for Having Been Pro-Life

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It looks nice, but looks aren’t everything.

And another “church” bites the dust…

The Bishops of the Church of Norway–70% of the people in Norway belong to that church–have issued a statement apologizing for having been pro-life ( No, it’s not a satire. They really did it.

Yup, the bishops regret ever having opposed abortion and are now for it–because abortion, they say, is necessary for “women’s health, safety, and security.” There’s that “women’s health” thing again. For good measure, they have added another “We are sorry” for not having given sufficient support to all the rest of feminism.

They’re going to be even sorrier when Christ returns to judge the quick and the dead.

But apostate churches, churches that go along to get along, churches that covet the approval of a fallen world–these have always been with us. The true Church is Christ’s people, in all denominations, who are faithful to Him and keep His testimony.

That is the Church that will endure.

5 comments on “Church of Norway ‘Apologizes’ for Having Been Pro-Life

    1. As Samuel Johnson once said, when asked why he had defined “postern” as the knee of a horse: “Ignorance, madam–pure ignorance.”
      But I may be being too charitable.

  1. Sadly, some church organizations have moved far away from the teachings of Christ. Moves like this make that obvious to even the most casual of observers.

    1. The so-called “liberal” churches. I’ve been reading a book about the gay agenda, and one activist said they specifically targeted the liberal churches first because they do not usually deeply involve themselves with Scripture. That’s probably the biggest condemnation I’ve heard of liberal churches, and from a non-believer no less.

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