‘A Really Lousy Vision for America’ (2014)

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You don’t need Elm Street to have a nightmare.

It’s been five years since I posted this, but Democrats still think Job One for government is to control everyone’s behavior.

A Really Lousy Vision for America

At least Plato, when he was hallucinating about his superstate (The Republic), had the grace not to make his all-powerful philosopher-kings idiots and ignoramuses. Why would we, even for a matter of seconds, even think about giving more power to those jidrools in Washington?

We do have a new president, thank God, but a lot of those who were in power five years ago are still there today, still doing their level best to wreck the country–and who knows what they might not do, to get back the White House?

Please don’t let them do it!

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  1. This is what the move to convene a Convention of the States movement is all about. Passing an amendment to the Constitution that insists on term limits like is required for the President, and is done in states like mine, Arkansas. The Congress is never going to amend the Constitution to limit their terms. Pelosi has been in there 32 years, and then she blames our current national problems on President Trump who has been in office two years.

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