Another Totally Stupid Thing to Protest

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Good grief, it’s 4:00 already! How did that happen?

Blogged, went grocery shopping, blogged some more, cranked out a Newwithviews column–that’s how. And now I’m feelin’ it.

There really are too many stories for me to cover. The other day “Unknowable” suggested I visit the Wikipedia article about the Hasbro toy company, to see how deeply Political Correctness has debauched our culture. I did; and the thing that stood out was the storm of protest that greeted Hasbro’s “Star Wars Monopoly” game. A lot of people went on the warpath because there weren’t enough female characters in the game. Oops. Was I allowed to say that?

Hey! If that’s what’s important in your life, you need a new life.

But then just about every game or toy they come out with winds up with somebody, somewhere, protesting it. Like these dips just live for something to complain about.

Our popular culture wearies me, sometimes.

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