‘Trans Activists’ Vandalize Bible

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I refuse to run photos of these wretched people. Here are some nice tree frogs instead.

Matt Walsh is touring universities with his “What Is a Woman?” speech–so entitled because babbling jidrool Kitanji Whatsername, now a justice of the Supreme Court, famously pleaded ignorance when confronted with that question.

And of course his speech is being, um, “protested.” In fact, this time, “officials” at the University of Wisconsin-Madison issued an advance warning: Walsh’s speech, they darkly hinted, could be “harmful” to “the transgender community.” )https://nypost.com/2022/10/29/transgender-activists-eat-bible-pages-to-protest-matt-walsh-appearance-at-university-of-wisconsin/)

O frabjous day. Another “community” is born.

The highlight of the “protest” was some ass-hat tearing pages out of the Bible and eating them. Yo, smoothie! I triple-dog dare you to do that to a copy of the Koran. Go on, do it. But we know you won’t.

Why do we have so many colleges and universities? What purpose do they serve? Why are there so many people in them, who should be outside, living life?

Why is it permitted to make a public show of vandalizing the Bible… but woe unto you if you take down a homosexual rainbow flag.

It’s not going to be easy to answer for things like this.

Pro-Testing It Is Harred Whork!!!!

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Yiu got To congranulate themb peeple “in” Eurip, thay Are reely Smart!!! Thay figgured Out how to get Socile Chainge!!!! Jist by glooing them selfs To stuff!!!!!

So gess waht, we done It tooo!! A hole buntch of us fromb “The” Stoodint Soviet we glooed our selfs to stuph too,, jist Like “thay” done!!!! And we toled The Arthorites we woodnt Un-gloo our selphs Ownly wen that Focile Fuwl “it” is Abbollisht!!!!

I glooed My “hand” to the “dor” of the John but then I got jellice wen my frend Hopalong he glooded his selph “to the” Toylit!!!! Haow did he evver think “Of” that??? Well, he awlyaws was Smarter than me!! Gnot menny peeple Are!! i got a A in Nothing Studdies lassed wheek jist for putting my Clothes On backwyrds!!! i didnt do It “on” porpose neether but the prefesser she “still gived me” a A!!!!!!

Well I amb sari to Say So butt we got stuck thare Awl Nite Long!!! and Hopalong his hynie it hurt lyke krazy and my Hand it all Puffed Up and we cuddnt get nothing To “eet” and in the moarning “the Kampus Cops” thay had To “come in” and Get us Out of Thare!!!! “That” hert tooo!

And yiu know waht???? Thay stil didnt Get Ridd Of themb Focile Fuwls!!! Yiu cudd of nocked “me” Over “whith” a Fetther!!!! And pooor Hopalong he sayed he cant Sit Daown ennyware!!!!!

But it whil whork neckst Tyme!!!!!

Eco-Protesters Get Comeuppance

Nine activists glued themselves to the floor at the VW dealership in Germany

How much idiocy can this world support? I think we’re on our way to finding out.

So… nine, um, protesters calling themselves The Scientist Rebellion (give me strength) invaded a Volkwagen museum and showroom in Germany and glued their incredibly stupid selves to the floor, vowing to remain until Volkswagen promised to lobby to “decarbonize the transport industry” (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11337831/Climate-protestors-left-cold-dark-gluing-Volkswagen-shop-floor.html).

They were only there two hours before they started whining for amenities. Museum employees didn’t provide them. At closing time, they turned out the lights, turned up the heat… and went home, leaving the dindles glued to the floor.

It seems the “scientists” forgot to take into account their need, eventually, to obey various calls of nature. Shoulda thought of that, chuckles. Gee, why didn’t Volkswagen, like, cater to their needs? And sheesh! How could it possible take as much as two whole hours to Decarbonize The Transport Industry?

There ought to be a way to transport these morons to some place where they could live without fossil fuels… and see how they like it. No food–not without fuel for trucks to bring it to the store. No heat. No electricity. Welcome to the 12the century.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Windmills! Solar panels! They’ll provide all the energy the world will ever need!

We’d love to see you after a year of experiencing that lifestyle.

Another Totally Stupid Thing to Protest

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Good grief, it’s 4:00 already! How did that happen?

Blogged, went grocery shopping, blogged some more, cranked out a Newwithviews column–that’s how. And now I’m feelin’ it.

There really are too many stories for me to cover. The other day “Unknowable” suggested I visit the Wikipedia article about the Hasbro toy company, to see how deeply Political Correctness has debauched our culture. I did; and the thing that stood out was the storm of protest that greeted Hasbro’s “Star Wars Monopoly” game. A lot of people went on the warpath because there weren’t enough female characters in the game. Oops. Was I allowed to say that?

Hey! If that’s what’s important in your life, you need a new life.

But then just about every game or toy they come out with winds up with somebody, somewhere, protesting it. Like these dips just live for something to complain about.

Our popular culture wearies me, sometimes.