Dem Presidential Wannabe: $1,000 a Month for All

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Nobody’s afraid to blurt out a lot of wacko sh** anymore–especially if they’re Democrats who want to run for president.

The newest kook in the kookery is “New York tech entrepreneur” Andrew Yang, whose plan is to pay $1,000 a month to every adult in America (it depends on what “in” is), no questions asked ( He proposes to pay for it by “taxing the tech companies.”

Let’s see… Round off the population to 300 million, although it’s actually several million more… At a thousand bucks a month, that would be 300 thousand million: that is, a cost of $300 billion a month… Times 12 months a year… And that’s a cost of $3.6 trillion a year. All on the tech companies’ dime. In return for which, they get… nothing.

Now, why do we want to do this, Mr. Yang? He explains:

“We need to reconstitute meaning for many, many Americans… This is very much about human empowerment.” We’re going to empower people by making them totally dependent on the government.

Glad he cleared that up.

And as if that weren’t enough, Mr. Yang’s potlatch politics also includes free universal health care, a billion dollars for “local journalism,” and wages for college athletes.

Now we’re waiting for the next Democrat to come along with an offer of even more free stuff.


15 comments on “Dem Presidential Wannabe: $1,000 a Month for All

  1. Sounds good to me. Except $1 billion for “local journalism,” Buying the propaganda the democrats want to throw down our throats? No thanks. But i’ll take the money from the techs. They owe me for all the money I spent on technology that didn’t work, broke down, couldn’t be repaired, and all the tech help I paid for to get around their built-in problems, and especially for losing my perfect Sony VIOS PC because of the death of XP. Also, it would be like getting back some of the usurious taxes I paid over my lifetime that left nothing for savings. After all, if the dems have $3.6 trillion to give away, it’s because we gave them too much in the first place.

  2. Of course, once the baseline of people’s income is $1,000/month, the $1,000 will become worthless. It’s the equivalent of printing more money to hand out — and that always leads to massive inflation. Soon the $1,000 won’t even buy a loaf of bread. Don’t the people suggesting these things know any history?

  3. They want to bring in that guaranteed income here too, all that money for doing nothing. And free health care doesn’t work out as good as they say, we have it, put the government more in debt, increased waiting times even for emergencies, now a lot of it is no longer free, it’s a terrible mess. And our population is only a tenth of yours. You definitely don’t want it!

    1. The whole thing is both immoral and irrational–two adjectives which accurately describe today’s Democrat Party.

    2. They just have to look north to see it doesn’t work! But then, our Liberal party (same as Democrats) are right here and they can’t see it. Amazing really.

  4. Just what we need, another far leftist who wants to distribute other people’s money. This is Universal Basic Income, another socialist scheme that will ultimately fail.

  5. Yang is also against circumcision – this guy is all over the place. And they are going to give him a lectern at the first Dem Presidential Debate. I wonder what these candidates will be saying as it gets closer to primary season? – who can go farthest to the Left.

    1. Hee hee, maybe they’ll have all those lecterns on a circular moving stage at the debate, so that the candidates can keep moving to the left of each other as they speak. 🙂 It may also be the only way to get all the candidates on stage at once — unless they have two or three tiered debates the way they did at the Republican debates in 2016.

    2. Donald Trump had to beat 16 little goblins to win the GOP nomination. But they weren’t all trying to out-craze each other!

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