Today’s Celebrity Moral Imbecile: Streisand

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Never met a sexual predator she didn’t like

We’re gonna need another hymn to wash away the foulness of this news story, so everybody feel free to make suggestions.

Loopy liberal Barbra Streisand, last seen defending Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades, has just dissed two men who have accused the late Michael Jackson of sexually molesting them when they were little boys.

Streisand said the boys were “thrilled to be there” at Jackson’s “Neverland” ranch and that their experiences as a grown man’s sexual playthings “didn’t kill them” ( She also dropped a hint about Jackson’s sexual needs being on a par with “You can’t fight city hall.”

So, let’s see… If a grown woman gets asked for a date at work, that’s sexual harassment. If a clergyman sexually abuses a child, it’s monstrous…. But if a pop star does it, hey, that’s just the way it is, no harm really done.

Sort of like wrestling. Bad-guy wrestler hits opponent with a chair, boo-hiss. Good-guy wrestler hits opponent with a chair, hooray.

I wonder if other civilizations regularly produced oozing slimeballs to be their celebrities. Or is it just ours?

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