Cat & Guinea Pig: Buddies (Sort Of)

Why is the guinea pig not afraid of the cat? Why does the cat not try to eat the guinea pig? How is it that they can play together? Please disregard the other guinea pig, who is concentrating on doing nothing.

Thing is, can it be that animals are better than we are at transcending their natures? At learning to be better than they’re expected to be? Watch and wonder.

5 comments on “Cat & Guinea Pig: Buddies (Sort Of)

  1. Seems like the cat thinks the other creatures may be getting him/her dirty and so all the washing right after touching it.

  2. LOL, well, I have never actually kissed a cat. I have done lots of petting
    and cuddling, but no kissing.

  3. Cat kissing is a wonderful thing. Most cats don’t kiss back, but it’s still fun. 🙂

    How does the cat know how to take a playful swipe at the Guinea Pig without harming it? How does the Guinea Pig know that it doesn’t have to flee when the cat does that? How does the Guinea Pig know that it’s safe to grab the cat’s tale. Riddle me this, Joe Collidge. 🙂

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