Coming Back Huge: Monocles

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If you thought Mr. Peanut was the only one wearing a monocle, you thought wrong.

For untold centuries, wearing a monocle, and having it fall out of your eye whenever you heard something upsetting, was a sure sign that you were someone rich and important, a force to be reckoned with. Then it went out of style and only meant you were weird.

Well, according to all the clairvoyants in Seeum, Oklahoma, the monocle is going to make a monster comeback, it will be the thing to wear! So you’d better run out and get one now, before the price shoots up to the ionosphere and people more on the ball than you buy out the stores.

Now you, too, can make like you’re rich and important! Suddenly people are going to start listening to you, who used to just walk out of the room or make rude noises whenever you tried to speak. Now your opinion will count!



4 comments on “Coming Back Huge: Monocles

  1. I’ll bet if you walked into a hipster hangout with one of those, and then you had a friend walk in the same way a half hour later, by the next day all the hipsters would have traded in their hipster-glasses for monocles. 🙂

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