Why They Don’t Have Cats in Libraries

At first it looks like the cat is trying to find a particular book somewhere on the shelf. I wonder what a cat would read. (My money’s on The Chessmen of Mars. Cats really go for chessmen. Leave some set up on the chessboard if you don’t believe me.) But no–he’s merely throwing books out of the way so he can use that portion of the shelf for a nest. Cats are nothing if not practical.

10 comments on “Why They Don’t Have Cats in Libraries

  1. Little rascals- at least it didn’t choose a pantry shelf containing containers of food to tear down..

  2. What a clever cat! — not only builds his own cozy house but defends it ably when other cats try to investigate it. 🙂

  3. Sometimes I feel a little guilty about “wasting time” like playing solitaire. I think of how precious and irreplaceable is our time on earth. I think of God’s creation, the moon and stars, the majestic mountains – then I just remembered, He also made cats! So playtime must be OK.

    1. You are all right, of course.
      Sometimes I tend to get a little too scrupulous.
      Balance! Balance! Balance!

      God is SO good!

    2. Really, I don’t know how long I could keep writing–I am said to be very prolific–if I didn’t reserve a healthy supply of down time. It adds up to more work getting done, in the long run.

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