Frolicking Lambs

Interesting, isn’t it, that the only animal mentioned as a pet in the Bible was a little ewe lamb. But these do look like animals you could really get attached to.

True fact: Eve Arden (“Our Miss Brooks”) used to keep a pet sheep in her house until her housekeeper finally said, “Either she goes or I go,” so the sheep had to live outside. I can only think it must have been an awfully good housekeeper.

6 comments on “Frolicking Lambs

  1. Lambs are so cute. I just love them. Would never want one in the house, but a nice little house of their own outside where I could visit them.

  2. Very cute. A neighbor raised a pet lamb, when we were in grade school. It was a sweet little creature. I see the appeal, but then again, most of God’s creatures are endearing in their own way.

  3. He seemed to be especially fond of lambs, as they were referred to many times in Scripture. In fact, He called us sheep.

  4. I never knew “Mary Had a Little Lamb” had all those lyrics. That’s what most Americans think about our National Anthem – that there is only one verse. Yes, lambs are super cute!

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