It’s Not Reflection Love (for Cats)

My cats have never shown the slightest interest in their reflections in a mirror; although I did have a little anole chameleon once who went positively ballistic over his. But the cats in this video get quite creative in their responses to their own reflections. I wonder if it would make me uneasy, to see a human being doing this.

4 comments on “It’s Not Reflection Love (for Cats)

  1. Actually, I feel kinda the same way when I see myself in the mirror in the mornings. I am thinking, wow, I look almost scary.

  2. I think cats have a sense of make believe. At some level, they know that it’s not another cat in the mirror, but it’s a lot of fun to pretend.

    My cat will arch her back and fluff up to twice her normal size when she sees me coming. She knows I’m not a threat, I’m the person she comes to for safety and comfort, but it sure is fun to pretend. I enjoy it too. 🙂

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