I Give Up

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It all started with an innocent impulse to share a song which has long pleased me–thus opening the door to hours of hair-tearing frustration. First the videos wouldn’t work, then the still pictures, then it worked a little, then it stopped working… If my computer were a human employee, I’d fire him. Or worse.

After supper I will try to post a cat video, using the cumbersome, many-extra-steps, really hard to remember method WordPress taught me this afternoon. I would absolutely hate it if I couldn’t post hymns in the morning anymore, pictures and videos throughout the day, and amusing animal videos in the early evening.

I was supposed to write a book review today, but three hours plus in this particular labyrinth has made that impossible.

4 comments on “I Give Up

  1. That kind of stuff just makes our day, doesn’t it? This new computer program has me flummoxed often.

  2. The trouble with website upgrades is eventually they get upgraded above our computer’s (that becomes obsolete in a matter of years) ability to update. The last update for Windows knocked my computer out, and the Geek Squad had to reset it to its factory settings – cost me $100.00.

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