Kittens & Curtains

It looks like curtains for these curtains!
I’m doing the cat video now because I won’t have the strength for it by the time supper’s over.I am wiped out from all this computer agida.
I hope nobody spent a lot of money on those curtains.

4 comments on “Kittens & Curtains

  1. I have had this happen to me. The curtains were lace, and the cats could really dig into them. Never could convince them this was the wrong thing to do, so I took the curtains down and left roll up shades until they forgot about climbing the windows.

  2. Notice all the thread pulls in the curtains! My jeans looked like that from my two kittens. My legs looked battle scarred too. The kittens are now a little older and can get on my lap with a single bound. No more thread pulls or scratches.

    1. I have been told it’s unwise to encourage your kittens to do that. It would’ve been nice if I’d been told that while they were still kittens.

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