Baby Goats in High Spirits

You’ve gotta love baby goats. Their motto is “Never walk when you can hop, skip, and jump!”

I have no idea what grown-up goats are like. Do they grow out of all their playfulness, becoming all serious and sober? Say it ain’t so.

5 comments on “Baby Goats in High Spirits

  1. The grown up goats sometimes do crazy things, too. They make noises at whoever they see that they think might bring them some goodies. They push one another, try to climb fences, and they do sometimes run and jump when the weather is nice and they have full stomachs.

  2. I don’t know much about them, but the one time I came across an adult goat in a pen and stopped to give him a bit of attention, I came way with the impression that goats are sorta animal goofballs.

  3. Yes, they are the goofballs of the farm. They do like attention, especially if it includes something tasty to eat. If you bring them a little bread, they
    will yell at you every time they see you again. They recognize the one who brings the bread.

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