Getting His Goat

I’m not sure of what’s going on here. Does the goat want a fight? Or does he want to play? I also get an impression that the dog thinks it’s too hot for getting involved with goats. The goat keeps trying, though.

I appeal to Erlene to interpret this for us. She knows about things like that.

Follow the Bouncing Critters

Animals just love the trampoline, as you’ll see on this video–lotsa dogs, lotsa goats, but also a couple of foxes and a pig. Boing, boing! Look at this cool thing the humans set up for us!

I did once post a video of a full-grown bison trying to use a trampoline; but the trampoline wasn’t equal to the challenge.

Dogs & Baby Goats

Who’s more playful than a baby goat? But is it true they get all grim and grumpy after they’ve grown up?

Look at the dog in the first scene–the dog the baby goats like to jump on. He has been awarded a medal for patience.

More Baby Goats

Are there any animals cuter or friskier than baby goats? No, not alligators.

Note how they try to butt dogs or people or each other well before they’ve grown any horns. One of these little warriors is just a tad bigger than a hamster.

Some of you out there must have had goats. Do they stay playful after they’re full-grown? Inquiring minds want to know.

Follow the Bouncing Goat

All of a sudden I’m feeling quite tired. Well, you should’ve seen me whip up that opening scene of my new book. Who knew I could write so fast?

I’m also feeling a little bit whimsical–and what better way to satisfy that than by watching some goats on trampolines? We know baby goats love to play, but some of these are full-grown and they’re still diggin’ it. I wish I could be out there with them. I mean, how hard can it be, to bounce around on a trampoline?

Joie de Vivre, Baby Goat-Style

Baby goats never just walk anywhere, do they? Always running, jumping, and cavorting. I have always wanted to cavort, but never learned how.

As for the goat with the backyard trampoline–well, that’s a natural.

An Uplifting Story

This goat was unable to walk, or even to stand up. The reason for this not being obvious, the woman at this farm animals’ refuge resolved to keep helping the goat until she could finally stand, walk, and even run. The woman worked at this every day, as chronicled here in the video. Watch what happened.

Baby Goats in High Spirits

You’ve gotta love baby goats. Their motto is “Never walk when you can hop, skip, and jump!”

I have no idea what grown-up goats are like. Do they grow out of all their playfulness, becoming all serious and sober? Say it ain’t so.

Glamorous Baby Goats

Baby goats–sweet, aren’t they? See, we don’t just do cats and dogs around here. Wouldn’t you like to play with some of these little characters? They look like they can really get into the spirit of it.

I admit that “glamorous” is probably not the right word to apply to goats of any age. I thought it might make for a catchy headline.

Cozy Kittens and Goats

For those of you for whom the goose video was too intense, here’s something much more quiescent. Note the kitten who wants to sleep in the hay, which is, inconveniently, the goats’ dinner. But nobody gets mad, everything’s peaceful and benign.

If this were a Freddy the Pig book, after the filming, they’d get together to start a barnyard newspaper or something.