Pushy Kitties

Forget all that bosh about “cats are aloof,” etc. When cats want your attention, they’re prepared to go some lengths to get it. Reading a book? Writing an essay? Adding a long column of figures? Well, too bad! They’ll do whatever it takes–lie down across the book, grab your hand, chew on the pen, meow, pat your face–to get your attention.

Of course, when you try to get the cat’s attention–well, good luck with that.

7 comments on “Pushy Kitties

  1. I know just what you mean. I had a cat that insisted on walking on my computer key board every time I started to write. He was a really sweet
    cat, but could really be a nuisance. He would even go into the living room, wake up the dog and invite him to come in and get on my bed. That was a no-no.

  2. The cat did sleep on the foot of my bed, but the dog belonged to my son,
    and he was a huge Rottweiler. Couldn’t go for him on the bed, there would have been no more room for me.

    1. Oh, OK.
      Once upon a time my iguana used to sleep on my bed cuddled up with his two friends, a big cat and a little dog. There was another cat in the house, but he wouldn’t allow her into the room and always chased her out if she tried to get in–she had some bad habits.

  3. I find the way they will tap on your shoulder endearing. They aren’t being pushy, they just have priorities, and they are at the top of that list. 🙂

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