OK, So I Wrote It

(Teaching your hamster how to escape from his cage is probably not the best idea anyone has ever had. This video is here solely for your entertainment. And mine.)

All right, I’ve written and submitted my Newswithviews column, having decided to write about the new “Internet safety czar” they plan to appoint in the UK, who will keep Her Majesty’s subjects safe from all viewpoints not approved by Parliament. I would be disappointed in any hamster who came up with an idea like this.

I want to thank all of you who suggested topics for me. Cassandra had one that I found particularly intriguing: to write about how “people today no longer are concerned whether something is right or wrong, factual or a lie. They are only concerned whether or not they want to believe it.” I have a feeling I’ll be writing about that soon.

Meanwhile, I think it does relate to the story I reported yesterday, of the middle school chess team cheating to win a national scholastic chess championship. The news story was a tad short on details. Like, how deep does this immorality run? Did the parents know their kids were cheating? Did they know their coach was teaching them to cheat? Will the school fire the coach? (They should.) Will the school disband the chess team? (They should.)

Thanks, everybody. You’ve got my wheels turning. This topic does require more thought.

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