You Know You’re Dead When…

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“Haunting new research suggests”–note it says suggests–that “you know you’re dead” and consciousness continues, “if only for a short time,” after you’ve been pronounced dead (

Researchers have found that survivors of cardiac arrest–but if they’re “survivors,” doesn’t that mean they didn’t really die?–can accurately describe what was going on around them after they were pronounced dead.

But we shouldn’t have to wait for a major heart attack to shut us down before we realize that we’re dead. Here are a few handy tips.

You know you’re dead when…

You consistently vote Democrat and never miss an election.

You can sit through a superhero movie.

You can listen to rap music without running away as fast as you can.

You watch CNN or MSNBC and sagely nod your head… which, of course, is just gravity beckoning you to the grave.

You dream that the state you’re living in suddenly will tip over and capsize, even if it’s hundreds of miles from the sea.

Keep these in mind in case you’re ever worried that maybe you aren’t alive.


5 comments on “You Know You’re Dead When…

  1. You know you’re dead when…. You can look at an aborted, fully-formed baby and say, “That’s not a baby.”

  2. You know your dead if what Bernie Sanders says makes sense. You know your dead if you can’t sleep nights because of worry about Climate Change. You know your dead if you can’t figure out if you are a man or a woman.

  3. LOL!!!! Maybe it’s better leftists don’t know they’re dead. Then they might to commit suicide, again. Like the jihadist ‘homicide’ bomber who said if he doesn’t take down enough non-believers with him the first time, he’ll try – again.

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