Snopes Gets Snoped by Satire Site

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“It’s free–right?”

They were quick to fact-check this question: Did Far Left Crazy Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Another Galaxy) repeatedly guess “Free!” as a contestant on “The Price Is Right”? (

This amusing tidbit was cooked up by the Babylon Bee, a Christian website well-known for its clever satires. They imagined O’Crazy-O as a contestant on the popular game show: no matter what the item in question–luggage, luxury cruise, jewelry, whatever–she blurted out “Free!” When asked by MC Drew Carey if she understood the rules of the game, she parried, “Don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me.”

Despite the fact that this was obviously a satire, on a site famous for its satire, the august leftid “fact-check” maven Snopes rushed in to discover–gasp!–that the story wasn’t true. Who would’ve thought it?

After the Snopes finding that this here event, it, like, never happened, Facebook threatened Babylon Bee with censorship if they pulled any more stunts like this. Uh… How are you supposed to do satire if you don’t do stunts like this? Or are they going to decide you can only satirize Republicans?

I thought we had an absolute right to diss our puffed-up rulers every chance we get. Without getting “investigated” by Snopes. And when, by the way, was the last time Snopes “investigated” anyone saying “Trump is a fascist”?

I mean, really–if you can’t make fun of AOC, why even bother?

5 comments on “Snopes Gets Snoped by Satire Site

    1. Somehow all they had to do was say, “We’re the fact-checkers,” and presto! They became the fact-checkers.
      Have you ever noticed leftids have no sense of humor? Satire is wasted on them.

  1. Comedy in America is dead, except for Christian comedians – they are still very funny. Just tune into the monologues on late night TV shows, or if you have the stomach for silliness, check our “Saturday Nite Live.” And what would life be like in this fallen world without satire? Jesus said to first take the board out of you own eye before you take the speck out of your own eye.

  2. Maybe the satire was too close to home for O-Crazy-O (good one). Another cartoonist was recently banned because he made people laugh. But only until the left taxes laughter. Imagine how much the hyenas in congress would have to pay for that!

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