My Poor Car [wail and gnash teeth]

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Wahoo! The repair bill for my car will be at least $1,000, probably more–something about rusted-out brake line tubing, I dunno.

Options: 1) Do the repairs; 2) go without a car for the rest of my life; 3) buy a used car, with no idea, really, of what I’m getting; 4) buy a new car, costing a mountain of money, with computers in it that spy on you.

Hot dog. I guess I’ll take Door No. 1, Monty.

No, I am not ready to pedal my bike to Whole Foods every time we need something to eat and buy really healthy foods in small amounts. I am too old to enjoy riding my bike in inclement weather, with idiots creeping up behind me and beeping their horns.


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3 responses to “My Poor Car [wail and gnash teeth]

  • Erlene Talbott

    I’m sorry to hear this. A year ago, my Subaru began to over heat on trips over 5 miles or so. When I took it to be checked and to receive an estimate, it was $2,700. Out of the question. I now drive it 1 1/2 miles to the local store and P.O. and 3 miles to church, and the longer trips have to be made in my son’s rig. That is how I’m surviving these days.


  • unknowable2

    Ironically, cars that are seldom driven develop a completely different set of problems than cars which are driven frequently. It sounds to me as if the vehicle is basically sound, you just had a failure in an unusual place. Brake fluid runs through steel tubes along the chassis to the location of each wheel, where it goes through flexible (rubber) tubing and out to the brake calipers at each wheel. I’ve never heard of brake tubing rusting out, but if it had, you would have had exactly the same results as you describe, the brake pedal would go to the floor with no effect whatsoever.


  • marblenecltr

    Stop and Shop has an excellent low-cost delivery service, Peapod. However, you may have to wait until their present work stoppage is over.


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