More Climbit Change B.S. from Netflix

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Preparing to end it all

Leftids will do absolutely anything to get a global government, with themselves in charge, and “Climate Change” is their ticket to ride.

Polar bears having perversely refused to go exinct–indeed, their numbers have increased, probably due to racism and transphobia–Far Left Crazy needs a new critter to serve as the icon of Climate Change We’re All Doomed.

So David Attenborough has filmed a lot of walruses pitching themselves off a cliff, committing suicide because bad old Donald Trump took us out of the Paris Climate Scam and the walruses are just insupportably sad! and the only way to save them is to bestow vast and absolute power on the same government varmints who have the San Francisco sidewalks heaped high with human feces and daily strive to pave over every square foot of ground in New Jersey.

Really? You guys are gonna save the planet? Do you think I literally can’t see what you libs have done to my own home town? You’re the environmental-friendly party? Detroit, Camden, Gary, Baltimore, Newark, Oakland, Seattle… Do you truly believe we don’t know what happens to any place where you’re in charge?

Anyway, walruses fall off cliffs because they get panicked by polar bears (non-extinct, non-computer-generated ones) hunting them, humans filming them, helicopters hovering above them, or any combination thereof. They are not offing themselves because Americans drive cars.

We need to save the planet from the Save The Planet crowd.


5 comments on “More Climbit Change B.S. from Netflix

  1. Anyone who thinks for one moment that human beings are or ever will be in control of the climate or anything else need to find a soft spot in a padded cell and just chill out for a few years.
    A song suggestion: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, by Alan Jackson.

  2. Maybe the walruses are transitioning into lemmings. That would make the Climbit Changers transphobics for wanting to stop them. Or something. It’s hard to keep track of the diversity of insanity these day.

  3. It is astounding how far a trail the Climate Change crowd has made into the consciousness of Americans. Whole principalities are passing laws against any use of fossil fuels within the next 20 years or so. They have swallowed the bait hook, line, and sinker. America is on the verge of being the wealthiest country the world has ever seen because of our development of natural resources (ugly, metal windmills are not natural resources). And at the same time we have a block of blockheads who want to shut it all down – like Elizabeth Warren, who if elected President, will make her first executive order to shut down all oil drilling and all mining.

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