100% Pure Crapola from Wake Forest U.

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Here’s the latest from our wonderful colleges and looniversities.

Wake Forest U. is going to hold “listening sessions” which will be strictly “No whites allowed.” The announced purpose of the sessions is to promote… “inclusion” (https://www.thecollegefix.com/university-hosts-no-whites-allowed-faculty-and-staff-listening-sessions-to-promote-inclusivity/). By excluding whites.

The listening sessions will be only “for faculty/staff who identify as faculty/staff of color.” What does that mean, “identify as”? Anybody can “identify as” anything. I identify as King of Akkad. Big deal.

What’s on the agenda? Well, they want to craft a “zero-tolerance policy for white supremacy” on the campus. What do they mean by “white supremacy”? Ooh! Thirty-seven years ago–yes, 37 years ago–a couple of the administrators posed in front of a Confederate flag for their yearbook photo. The horror, the horror!

These schools are playing games with young people’s minds, and evil and unwholesome games at that. And they’re doing it on our dime! “White supremacy”–an ancient yearbook photo. To get people all worked up about something as ridiculous as that, worked up on their way to violence–worked up so that they boil over with rage and hate–

Only a liberal would think that was a good thing.

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  1. You sure that’s not “Woke” Forest U? It seems we entered some alternate reality where it’s the segregation era all over again, except the racism is directed at whites.

    1. Can anyone doubt that Far Left Crazy is actively working to plunge our whole country into chaos? We are we letting them use the colleges to do it?

  2. This is kind of like Alice in Wonderland, only wonderland is a horror
    location. Reminds me why I decided not to send my favorite grandson to college after all. Instead, he got a job, moved up, bought his own home, sold it, bought a second one, moved up to a management job, opened his own business, purchased his mother’s home so she could move, and is now 34, doing great, in management and in his own home (paid for) and didn’t miss a thing worthwhile by avoiding college. Hurray!

  3. Does anybody remember the old Disney classic Pinocchio? Do you remember the bad boys gathered together by “helpful adults” who took them to a sort of anti-Disneyland where they indulged in every sort of stupidity until they became donkeys? After that, they were loaded on ships and sent to the mines where they slaved away for the rest of their lives. Why is it when I see something like this, I see those stupid boys and the evil men “helping” them to their doom? Our universities are becoming vile playgrounds of stupidity and ignorance, turning out donkeys fit only for slavery.

  4. Leftist jabberwock: inclusion means exclusion; diversity means exclusion; multiculturism means exclusion. If they put their dirty socialist hands on the dictionary, exclusion would then mean inclusion, diversity, and multi-culturism. Inclusion 101 would be taught in all government public schools and the mainstream media would be in its lesson plans.

  5. This reminds me of the recent controversy that has arisen because someone researched Kate Smith and found she had recorded songs back in the 1930’s that today are considered offensive and racist by PC snowflakes (even though a black man had sung the same song). The New York Yankees will no longer play her rendition of the Nat’l Anthem which they have been using for decades. And the Jersey Shore is to take down a statue of her. In spite of all this moral madness, I will still get tingles in my spine whenever I hear Ms. Smith singing “God Bless America,”

    1. What–are they disappointed that they don’t have to deal with real racism anymore, so they have to make do with silly stuff like this?

      I’m deeply ashamed of the Yankees. But every sports team, every corporation in the Western world, kow-tows to these Far Left Crazy wastes of space. I don’t know why.

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