Go Get ‘Em, Gov!

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Ready to rock ‘n’ roll!

We do need more of this. So much more!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has demanded full financial reports from the state’s universities and colleges to find out exactly how much money they’ve spent on “diversity, equity, and inclusion and Critical Race Theory,” (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/01/05/florida-demanding-every-state-university-system-provide-report-expenditures-related-diversity/).

“We reject this Woke ideology,” he said, adding that Florida will be “the place where Woke goes to die.” He has ordered the state’s Dept. of Education to provide all the figures.

Gee! Ya mean it ain’t fair to suck money out of the public, money that they worked for, and use it to fund a bunch of academic pinheads who despise them and want to tear down their way of life?

The people of Florida, the governor said, have a right to “freedom from having oppressive ideologies” forced “upon you without your consent.”

(Why can’t my state have a governor like that!)

Gov. DeSantis understands that there’s no room on this continent for both America and Woke. Let’s back him up.

Far Left Idiots Rally to Crazed Rutgers Prof

Gray Treefrog Fact Sheet - Signs of the Seasons: A New England Phenology Program - University of Maine Cooperative Extension

No, I’m not going to post a picture of this jerk. I’m not even going to mention her name. Here are some nice tree frogs instead.

I’m getting tired of covering the nooze. It’s so dreary! But I keep thinking we do have to know what we’re up against.

Here are some recent comments by a tenured professor at Rutgers University. Wait’ll the next time they phone me and ask for money.

“White people are committed to being villains.”

“White people showed up being raggedy (?) and violent and trying to take everything from everybody.”

“Black and brown people happily co-existed and sailed around the world (?) until whites came along and destroyed the world with violence.”

Chatter like this cheesed a lot of people off–state university, New Jersey taxpayers’ money, and this is what they get?–so naturally various “faculty groups” have rallied to support this spewing moron: AAF, AFT, and other groups even sillier. Any criticism of her, they say, is only “racism.” (Yeah, she’s black.)

I say this as a Rutgers alumnus: Defund Rutgers University. If this is how it wants to spend its time and our money, we ought to remove our money from the equation.

How much of this are we expected to put up with? Why should we have to put up with it at all? If you’ve got an answer to those questions, I’d just love to hear it! Or maybe I wouldn’t: it’s probably a profoundly stupid answer.

If you’re sending your kids to Rutgers, this is what they’re being “taught.” And if you’re okay with that, there’s something wrong with you.

[Editor’s note: I have not provided a link to the news story because I don’t want this evil idiot’s name or picture to appear on my blog.]

No, You Can’t Have Any of My Money

Divide and Rule

Have a swig of Critical Race Theory while you’re here!

What do you get when you donate money to your ol’ alma mater? Well, let me tell you what I’d get, if I ever shelled out to Rutgers University.

An associate professor of women’s, gender, and “Africana” studies at Rutgers, making a six-figure salary (yeesh! what do they pay a full professor?), recently launched into a frothing-at-the-mouth rant against white people: “We gotta take these M[censored]s out!” she declared. ‘Cause white people “are committed to being villains” (https://www.campusreform.org/article?id=18318).

A Word of Caution: The Democrat Party wants whites and blacks to hate and fear each other. That way they get to divide and rule. It also pleasures their corrupted souls. We must resist the extremely powerful temptation to answer this very highly-paid associate professor in kind.

But we don’t ever again have to contribute one red cent to any college. Certainly not to Rutgers. (They used to phone me pretty often, begging for bucks, but they haven’t done it in a while. Maybe some of my answers discouraged them.) Nor do we have to send our children there to have their minds warped by rabid racial hate artists like this associate professor with her six-figure salary.

Remember! The Democrat Party does not want us living in peace and harmony and good will with one another. They do everything in their power to subvert it.

No more money for the universities. It’s time for them to go.

‘Crawl On Your Belly When They Kick You in the Face’ (2018)

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A few years ago the Ontario Human Rights Commission toyed with the idea of assigning itself the authority to decide whom your friends should be… ’cause you can’t let ordinary racist dumb people decide that for themselves, they’ll just get it wrong.

Here in America, our looniversities are every bit as evilly wacko as the OHRC. Like f’rinstance:

Crawl on Your Belly When They Kick You in the Face

This clown’s crime, for which the Loving Left punished him, was knowing and liking someone who wound up running for governor as a Republican. Boo! White privilege! Boo! Racist-Biggit-Hater!

I admit it. I hate these cheap little tin-horn Stalinists. We should shut down 90% of the colleges–before it’s too late. Before they do irreparable harm to our republic.

We do not (!) have to slink around with “Kick Me” signs on our backs.

A Cure? Hell, No, We Don’t Want a Cure!

High Blood Pressure Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Tish-tosh! 203 over 114 is not high blood pressure! It’s just different–and something not to be cured, but celebrated!

If you had a disability that could be corrected, or at least made less onerous, would you rather have the cure–or a bunch of academic pinheads “celebrating” you as “differently abled”? Sheesh, it’s not even proper English.

I have received an email describing this nonsense; and my sister, a healthcare professional, says it’s a “movement” that’s been gathering speed over the past few years. I am not going to name the school mentioned in the email, nor use any of the real names cited. Idiots are idiots no matter what you call ’em.

So they’re having a conference at Fimbo State to consider whether they should just forget about “curing” anything and instead trying to convince the disabled person to “flourish” in his mere “difference.”

Wow! I guess I can just throw my blood pressure pills out the window now and “celebrate” the fact that my blood pressure is just plain “different” and isn’t that just hunky dory? Sure takes the heat off the medical profession, don’t it?

The university is truly awe-inspiring as a fountainhead of genuinely bad ideas.

We could do nothing better than to cut off the funding. Now. Today.

‘Now It’s Sandwiches Causing Global Warming’ (2018)

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Hooray for the University of Manchester! They found a whole new thing to fret about


Now It’s Sandwiches Causing Global Warming

The misanthropes in charge of pillaging the public and wasting our money would like to take away our sandwiches, too. Well, we know they want us peasants to live on bugs and weeds.

Let’s see what they live on, if our leaders ever do their duty by us and defund the universites.

Defund the colleges, not the police.

Prof Wants ‘Moral Enhancers’ in Your Drinking Water

What's in Your Drinking Water? | NRDC

Seek and ye shall find. Seeking something to write about for Newswithviews this week, I found this.

A professor of “ethics” at Western Michigan University has called for “moral enhancements” to increase Americans’ “ability to be empathetic or altruistic or cooperative” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=15488). This is supposed to end the COVID-19 pandemic. And, he added, it can also be used to make people believe in Climate Change.

How quickly can we defund our looniversities? How much time do we have before they bury us in wickedness and stupidity?

We are not told what these “morality enhancements” would be–only that the government could and should add them to our water supply. What kind of “ethics” does this jidrool teach? I mean, he’s talking about some kind of pill to make everybody do whatever it is he wants us to do. He’s not shy about using the word “coercion.”

People pay him to teach this horse-schiff to their children.

God help us.

‘Feminist Political Ecology, the Key to All Knowledge’ (2016)

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It’s hard to believe anyone consents to pay for this.

Y’know, there are times when it doesn’t seem like half enough merely to defund the colleges and universities. We begin to think more along the lines of tearing down, bulldozing, and sowing the ground with salt.

Feminist Political Ecology, the Key to All Knowledge

“Feminist political ecology”–what the devil is it, other than 100% pure crapola? This is what you’re getting for your tuition money?

Let’s hope you didn’t have to work too hard for it.

Dumbing Down Princeton

Image result for images of 3 stooges in college

More than 3,000 Princeton University students have signed a petition demanding that the school do away with standard grading and replace it with “Pass/Fail” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=14557).

Why? Tut-tut–that you should even ask! Why, getting rid of A,B,C,D, F would naturally “alleviate stress”! Who needs the stress of getting good grades? And as an added bonus, there’ll be “academy equity”!

Why not just hand out diplomas to anyone who wants one? That would really alleviate stress.

The campaign for pass/fail is being led by the editorial board, 11 students, of The Daily Princetonian. They want the new system to start next semester, if not sooner.

Well, heck, what do you want for $54,000 a year tuition? (“Play-Doh! We want Play-Doh!”)

Just a thought: If colleges stay shut down, due to the Wuhan virus scare, for any considerable time… what’s going to happen when we learn how easily we can live without them? I mean, really–“Hire me, I passed college!” Heaven know what you’ll have to do to fail–eat Tide pods? Die?

Our country’s “higher education” system is the biggest unfunny joke on the planet.

Master of Morons

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(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

When moronic Far Left college students tried to shut down the New York City subway system on Jan. 31, The New York Post has reported, the mastermind behind it seems to have been a New York University professor who teaches “militant activism” and whose contact information has since been deleted from the NYU website (https://nypost.com/2020/02/15/nyu-professor-founded-anarchist-group-that-attacked-subways-last-month/).

This guy, who wasn’t born here but has a nice life in America, is the founder of a bunch called “Decolonize This Place” and a teacher in NYU’s “experimental humanities” department, exploring the connection between “art and activism.” Honk if you think NYU has way too much money to spend on frivolous horseschiff.

His social media posts have been taken down, too; but we hear they included instructions on how to stab or blind police officers. The students who attacked the subway system reportedly did some $100,000 worth of damage to public property–while demanding “free” rides on the subway for everyone, from now on, and the removal of all police presence from the subway system. Can you imagine what would happen, if they actually did that? Only persons bent on suicide would dare to ride the subway.

Just now, neither NYU nor the NYPD are commenting on the case. There’s some movement among non-radical students to get Professor Yo-Yo fired… But then who would teach “art and activism”?

Do we really need to open our borders to persons who hate the United States and want to bring it down?

Meanwhile, defund the universities. No more public money!