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Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt???

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Some ideas are so profoundly awful, they just won’t go away.

New York Magazine is now beating the drum to cancel student debt and “make public universities free” (http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/02/lets-cancel-everyones-student-debt-for-the-economys-sake.html). It’s the usual leftid tripe: “We Must Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt, for the Economy’s Sake.” Like they really care about the economy.

So, we’ve got, according to this article, 44 million people burdened with $1.4 trillion in collidge student debt–and we ought to just write it off, like that would make it go away, and in so doing, expand the job market somehow, maybe by magic, and get rid of “the racial wealth gap,” blah-blah. Yeah: the job market is just dying to employ tens of millions of otherwise unemployable grads with masters’ degrees in Women’s Studies and Bald Chicano Gender Studies, etc. That’ll work.

But I think there is a way to write off all that debt and let these people get on with their lives. It entails a great big trade-off.

In return for canceling student debt–which only means that the $1.4 trillion monkey will be placed on the backs of the rest of us–we get to end the whole student loan program, no more college loans for anyone, and stop all government funding to the looniversities. That will balance out the $1.4 trillion and put an end to what so-called higher education is doing to our country–filling it with tens of millions of chip-on-the-shoulder, heads-full-of-toxic-mush, no-work-ethic college grads with degrees in Nothing Studies. It will also un-employ multitudes of academics who hate this country anyway and are every bit as useless as their students. Let ’em pump gas, or work as Wal-Mart greeters. They might redeem themselves with honest work.

Looks like a square deal to me.

About Time! Bill Seeks to Defund State College

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Evergreen State College, paid for by the taxpayers of Washington State, was in the news last week for holding a “Day of Absence” intended to ban all white persons from the campus (http://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/2017/06/01/racist-protests-shut-down-evergreen-college-as-lawmakers-look-to-strip-funding.html). This was, of course, for “diversity.” Things got rather ugly when one white professor refused to stay away that day and tried to conduct his classes as usual. He was probably lucky to escape injury.

In response to this incident and others, there is now a bill in the state legislature to privatize Evergreen over the next five years–and also, as soon as possible, to strip this palace of ignorance of $24 million it currently receives in funding.

Stand up and cheer! This is exactly what this country needs, coast to coast.

Our “higher education” system has become a nursery of bitterness, educational malpractice, and a hatchery of left-wing lunacy. It is monstrously over-funded, over-staffed, and too many people are vegetating there instead of finding productive work and, well, growing up. It has become a millstone around the nation’s neck.

There is a place for pure scholarship, for love of learning for its own sake, for the preservation of our civilization’s cultural treasures. But our colleges and universities have given up that role.

Why in the world should billions of dollars of public money be shelled out for no other purpose but to undermine the country by filling it with angry idiots who don’t know how to earn a living?

Cut it back. Cut it way, way back.

No Dems Need Apply?

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An Iowa state senator has introduced a bill to require Iowa’s three publicly-funded universities to “base faculty hiring decisions on applicants’ political party affiliations” ( http://www.chronicle.com/article/Iowa-Bill-Would-Force/239261/?cid=db&elqTrackId=11a88d53c3c745409af4f51a66682786&elq=a908a89e6e534ff3a6c0d218a0630988&elqaid=12673&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=5185 ). Obviously the purpose of such a bill would be to correct the sorry state of affairs we see at most institutions of higher learning, where liberal Democrat faculty outnumber Republicans by very big margins.

The head honcho of the Iowa Board of Regents fired back, saying “we believe in diversity of thought.” [two-minute belly-laugh break]

It’s not all that unreasonable. The people of Iowa pay the bills–they are forced to fund the universities–and all they get for their hard-earned money is a lot of lefty professors who despise them.

But the senator’s remedy is probably unconstitutional.

What needs to be done is to cut the universities’ public funding to the bone–and then some. America has too many colleges, too many crazed left-wing profs teaching propaganda and earning lavish pensions, too many young people sitting in classrooms learning how to be complete wastes of space, too many diversity officers, too many asinine pseudo-subjects–and way, way, way too much money spent on it.

Never mind the political affiliations. Just cut, cut, cut! And if the university wants to keep its Gender Studies degree program while getting rid of its engineering college because it can’t afford both–well, then, cut some more! And keep on cutting until sanity is restored.

Berkeley Blames Riots on College Republicans

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Well, the riots are over, they’re sweeping up the ashes… and the administration at U. Cal/Berkeley is saying the Berkeley College Republicans have a “moral responsibility” for the riots because they foolishly exercised their “right” to hear a conservative speaker ( http://www.breitbart.com/california/2017/02/02/uc-berkeley-milo-administration-shares-blame-anti-free-speech-riot/ ).

Yup, it’s all their fault for inviting Milo Whatsisname to speak on campus. Not the rioters’ fault. Not the fault of whoever told the police to stand down and not arrest the rioters. Not the fault of the collidge administration for encouraging and applauding left-wing thuggery. Not the faculty for teaching their students to be close-minded, violence-prone idiots. Not the students, for listening to all that guff.

It was the college Republicans’ fault for inviting Milo to give a speech.

Now, that man is not my idea of a conservative. I can’t imagine what he proposes to conserve. As an unrepentant sodomite, he is  primarily a culture-killer–part of the problem, not part of the solution.

So… because he’s not my cup of tea, I should be allowed to go out and slash my neighbor’s tires as a form of “protest”?

President Trump has called the Berkeley rioters “professional anarchists,” and mentioned the possibility of cutting off federal funds to universities that don’t allow free speech.

Well, heck, what is anybody waiting for? Do it now! Cut off all their federal funding, to all of them. Starve this corrupt university system to death! What is America supposed to do with 10,000 people who have master’s degrees in Gender Studies, anyway?

Bring back the jobs, and cut the universities back down to size. All of these people should have been working and earning money rather than sitting in classrooms and piling up debt.

Cut the funding. Starve the beast.

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