The Measles Panic

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Once again, college leads the way!

UCLA and Cal State LA have quarantined “hundreds” of students who can’t prove they’ve had a measles vaccine (

This is in the wake of…wait for it… “one UCLA student has contracted measles.” One! And in Lost Angeles County, with a population of 10.14 million (by the 2016 census–it’s surely more now), there have been… “five confirmed measles cases.”

The horror, the horror!

Meanwhile in New York City, a judge has upheld the city government’s “mandatory” measles vaccine, citing 329 cases of measles in the city, most of them in Brooklyn–where it is estimated that one one-thousandth of a percent of the population has contracted measles.

The sky is falling. We have “a resurgence of measles across the country”! By “resurgence” they mean 555 cases in a country of more than 300 million.

This is another one of those imaginary crises, like Global Warming, that the Left gets all worked up about and uses as an excuse to make things “mandatory.” Carrying on about measles like it was the Black Death! Yes, you could maybe die from measles. You could also die from the bite of a poisonous sea snake that somehow wound up in your bath tub. Both events are highly unlikely.

They want to vaccinate for every known disease, no matter how minor–because, in setting themselves up to be as gods, their ideology does not permit anyone to get sick in a world run by progressive humanists wielding Science like the rod of Moses.

And it really turns ’em on to make all things “mandatory.” And always, always, to grow the power of the government.

15 comments on “The Measles Panic

  1. I wonder if measles has been tampered with to make it more dangerous,
    or is the panic another manufactured crisis.

    1. My brother and sister got measles–in the middle of summer vacation, of course!–and even though I didn’t get them, we all got quarantined. Why couldn’t that have happened in October? Anyhow, Mark and Alice didn’t really get all that sick.

    2. Chicken pox meant I got to stay home from school for several days and play with my erector set and read my King Arthur book.

  2. Our local news show reports deaths from measles like a sporting event. I can’t remember anyone who got measles when I was a kid dying from it. In fact, some mothers sent their kids over to where there was measles to get it over with and then their child would be immune from it from then on. Curious how measles was obliterated in America until the invasion of illegals started taking place.

  3. And the one who caught the measles probably caught it from the many who were vaccinated! It’s so common there’s even a medical word for it, which I temporarily forgot. I didn’t go to the cbs local link yet, but wonder if the one who caught did get the measles, or even if they would tell us if he/she did.

    1. OOPS – “…if the one who caught the measles had been vaccinated, or even…

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