Let’s Ban… Baby Wipes!

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Forbidden! Taboo! Hands off!

Oh, those Jersey Democrats! Ours is a small state, but our Democrats don’t want to fail by comparison to California Democrats and Communist China Democrats.

So what’ll we ban now, huh? [two-year pause: thinking] Ooh! Ooh!

Let’s ban baby wipes! (https://www.shorenewsnetwork.com/2023/03/11/plastic-bags-gas-cars-gas-stoves-new-jersey-is-now-coming-after-your-baby-wipes/).

Our glorious governor (wants to be president) and legislature (want to be human) propose a $20,000 fine for using non-flush, disposable cleaning cloths. Then people will have to find other things to flush down their toilets and clog the sewer system–oh, wait, they’ve been doing that for years. With sanitary napkins. (I’ve covered a few of those stories in my time.) Are they going to ban sanitary napkins?

What a temptation!

Baby wipes and body wipes exist because people find them useful and convenient, and sometimes really need them. By contrast, there is never a time we really need our legislators. Nor have we ever found them useful or convenient. If it came to a choice between them and baby wipes, we’ll go for the baby wipes every time.

UK Wants to Go Back to Rationing… ?

Last photograph of Winston Churchill in Chartwell exhibition ...

Sorry, Mr. Churchill! Looks like the bad guys won, after all.

Well, heck, The Times and a whole gaggle of (LOL) “scientists” are all for it! Going back to rationing, that is–just like during World War II.

Subjecting the British people to this, says The Times and the (yeah, right) “scientists” is absolutely necessary… “to fix Global Warming” (https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/business/joseph-vazquez/2023/02/22/major-british-newspaper-promotes-bringing-back-rationing).

Being an island surrounded by enemy submarines, Britain had a lot of trouble with supply during the war. Parliament resorted to rationing–which did not end until ten years later, in 1954. Well, socialist governments are like that.

But The Times–which when all is said and done is just another stupid newspaper–and the “scientists”–which when all is said and done are just a crowd of academic prostitutes–wanna go back to having The Government decide what you can or can’t have on your dinner table, how far from home you’ll be allowed to go, how late you can keep your lights on, etc., etc.–all that happy hormad stuff that dances in their heads like visions of sugar-plums.

Even if they actually could control the climate–a preposterous notion–it would be self-destructive of our civilization to allow them that much power. Government will eat you alive, folks. It’ll be Morlocks and Eloi. Crikey, didn’t that 20th century teach you anything?

‘Big Brother Still Watching… And Still Hungry’ (2015)

Before-school Gym Builds Bodies and Brainpower - School News Network | A  Window into Your Public Schools

“You ain’t gettin’ off this floor till you do me a hundred pushups, kid!”

Big Government has an insatiable hunger for our freedoms–all our freedoms. And the persons who have that hunger just will not leave us alone.

Here’s some mischief from the Obama Era. God knows what they’re getting up to now, eight years later.

Big Brother Still Watching… and Still Hungry

Here all they wanted to do was turn our lives into a perpetual high school gym class with a surly teacher who makes us do calisthenics all period long. Oh–and spy on us, in case we eat unauthorized snacks without their written permission.

Liberals–wiping out adulthood, one life at a time.

‘Feds Want to Know If You’re Depressed’ (2016)

The obvious answer is “Well, who wouldn’t be?” Five minutes in the nooze stops my tail from wagging.

Feds Want to Know if You’re Depressed

A few years ago the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force–yet another one of those government agencies you never heard of until you found its hand in your pocket–recommended mandatory screening for depression for all Americans. All 300 million of us.

Well, why not? Where’s the fun in government if you can’t make things mandatory?

And God knows they’ve given us a lot to be depressed about!

‘Let’s Ban Sledding!’ (2015)

The “chance of snow” in yesterday’s forecast turned out to be no chance, so a fair amount of Jersey snow panic might have been averted.

But meanwhile… Isn’t The Government supposed to remove any and all element of risk from our lives? And surely they could start by banning sledding! In fact, they already have banned it, here and there.

Let’s Ban Sledding!

The only thing they don’t want to ban is aberrant sexual practices–wouldn’t want to put the teachers’ unions out of work.

You can protect yourself from sledding injuries by not going sledding.

But how do you protect yourself from government?


Stop Chrissmiss!!!!

1,639 Broken Christmas Ornament Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free  Images - iStock

Heer at Collidge we hased a Grate lexture “by” the Crapola Bros. awl abuot haow we has got “to” Stop Chrissmiss!!!! ((I amb Not siure i spelt thare naimes rihght)) becose it Ofends evry boddy Whom Wants to “be” ofenddid!!!!!

We the Stoodint Soviet thinks thare “shoodnt” awt “to be” no Chrischins heer butt i amb Afrayyed thare Are stil at leest “a” cupple duzzen Of themb!!! and thay whant “to” cellerbrayte Chrissmiss!!!!!! Lyke Gretter Thunburg she says,, “Haow Dair thay?”?”?”

So we voated to Ban awl that thare Chrissmiss stuph lyke Treees and deckaraycions “and” reeths and God etcc.!.! We Are fourming Skwads to ketch peeple “singin” Chrissmiss carrules and we whil beet themb “Up” and putt themb Into Sensertivvaty Traning!!!!!

And insted of Chrissmiss we whil cellerbrate Pressadint Jobydin!!!! and we Are traning spatial stoodints To-Be jist lyke himb!! So in caise enny thing it hapens “to” himb we will has parsons Whom “can” taike his Plaice!!!!! that whey we whil Nevver “run Out of” Bydins!!!

And aslo “we” whil Put Up a Byden Tree, i caint wayt!!!!!!!!

Reemember! Thare can ownly “Be” free-dem if The Guvvermint controlls it!!!!!!

‘The Beginning of Folly’ (2019)

See the source image

The Bible teaches us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10).

What about fear of Climbit Change and “white supremacists” (all dozen of them)?

It’s the beginning of folly… and slavery to Far Left politics.

The Beginning of Folly

Our Exalted Leaders will protect us from things that aren’t real. They’ll spend rafts of our money to solve problems and crises that don’t exist. And when the world doesn’t end, they’ll say “See! It worked! Now give us more of your money and sacrifice more of your liberty (if there’s any of it left) so we can protect you from Elves.”

‘Doubling Down on Global Warming’ (2013)

What Caused the Soviet Famine of 1932-1933? | History Hit

Big Government can take us here!

It’s been almost ten years since I wrote this, but the only thing that’s changed is the label on a package full of nothing. Nobody says “global warming” anymore. Now it’s “Climate Change.” But it’s still nothing but scare-mongering to grow the government.

Doubling Down on Global Warming

Yeah, yeah, guys–come 2047, or whatever year you’re going with today, we’re all as good as dead. And all because we stupidly tried to hold on to our freedom! When everybody knows the only government that can save us is absolute government, free from any and all restrictions.

Here’s to a new world inhabited by wandering transgender vegans living a 12th-century lifestyle and dying off at the age of fifteen.

‘John Kasich: Theology Superstar’ (2015)

John Kasich - IMDb

Doubtless pondering another thorny problem of theology

Among Democrats who like to call themselves Republicans, there was no greater light in 2015 than John Kasich, the RINO from Ohio.

And he succeeded where everyone else has failed for thousands of years!

John Kasich: Theology Superstar

How do you get everybody into Heaven?

You get the government to do it!

If your tax money has gone to any government agency or program that has, uh, “helped” anyone… well, you’re in! They can’t keep you out of heaven.

And to think we had to rely on Jesus Christ!

Another Experiment in Fascism

Benito Mussolini | Biography, Definition, Facts, Rise ...

Mussolini, thou art mighty yet!

Reminder: “Fascism” is the term for when authoritarian government allies with a few favored Big Business cronies to dominate and enslave the people.

Just the News has reported that government agencies, led by the Dept. of Homeland Security and the State Dept., collaborated with “private” agencies (including the Democrat National Committee [of course], Common Cause, and the NAACP) to censor into silence at least 20 million conservative posts on social media (https://justthenews.com/government/federal-agencies/biden-administration-rewarded-private-entities-got-2020-election).

Let’s state it as simply as possible:

The First Amendment to the Constitution forbids government from abridging free speech.

The government, especially Democrats in government, want very badly to abridge free speech.

To avoid breaking the law themselves, they find or create allies in the private sector who will do their dirty work for them. In this way they silence dissent while keeping themselves clear of actual lawbreaking–although why they should ever be afraid of legal consequences is a mystery to me. (P.S.: The Biden administration has paid out millions of dollars in public moneys to private entities censoring America.)

And so The Regime has found a way to nullify the First Amendment, and have gotten away with it so far, and expects to get away with it again, going into November’s midterm elections. There have been no consequences to our political class; they have acted against the American people with complete impunity.

“Outsourcing censorship”–brilliant! Mussolini would be proud.