An Alligator at Your Door

Go ahead, tell me this gator isn’t trying to find a way into the house. Whoa! Now try to imagine what he’d do if he got in.

This never happens in New Jersey. We have pests with bigger appetites than alligators have.

There’s a lot of unedifying nooze out there today, which I don’t propose to cover on the Sabbath, if I can help it. Maybe the gator is trying to get away from the nooze. I wonder how hard they are to house-train…

9 comments on “An Alligator at Your Door

    1. My guess is that it smelled something being cooked and was attracted to the house by it. There was definitely more than curiosity at play.

    2. I don’t know how keen a gator’s sense of smell is, but definitely something got him interested in that house. Maybe something he saw. Maybe he heard there was a nice, tasty dog living there.

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