Clinging Cats

Now how can anybody say cats are aloof and unaffectionate? Look how they cling to their humans’ arms. It’s quite a nice thing, when an animal likes you that much.

Note: There are some doodleheads out there who are rather too rough with their cats, and they’re going to wind up scratched or bitten. Cats rough-house with each other all the time, and they’re perfectly happy to rough-house with us, too. Don’t blame them if they get carried away.

6 comments on “Clinging Cats

  1. That’s very endearing.

    On Saturday, my little one had her annual Vet visit. Something. perhaps a scent in the air, upset her terribly and she was quite out of sorts for the entire visit. We drove the 40 miles home and she eventually settled on my lap, but meowed every few minutes, just to let me know how she felt about things.

    When we got home, she laid down on the end table nearest my favorite chair, but didn’t want to sit right next to me. I think she was just depressurizing from the anxiety of the Vet visit. An hour or so later she climbed onto my chair and spent the next couple of hours with sprawled across my leg. It was both sad and endearing. Obviously, she’d had a rough day and once she got her nerves sorted out, she wanted to be with the most trusted person in her little world. I was honored.

    1. Ah, the ride to the vet! Ours is only 15 minutes, but Robbie knows how to make it seem much, much longer. And then when we come home, she and Peep fight all day.

      I never had this problem with any of my lizards.

    2. It’s probably approaching 40 miles to the Vet I prefer, up in Tucson. She rode up ok, but when I opened the door to the Vet’s office she visibly tensed. I can think that there was a scent which distressed her. When he administered her injections, she was very upset and even tried to bite, but I stuck my hand in front of her mouth and she wouldn’t bite me. After we left, I stopped at the bicycle shop and, unfortunately, there was a curious and friendly dog there that only wanted to get acquainted, but it upset her again. Ten minutes in the drive through at In & Out Burger and then a 35 minute trip back to the ranch.

      Overall, she did pretty well, but that Vet’s office really gave her the shpilkes.

  2. Hmm. Becky is a senior at 15 and, part feral, she is just now showing some affection. For the first 3 years she lived under our bed.
    By the time she was 10, she crept nearer and nearer until now – she sits on the sofa with us – yay! 😻

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