Now I Can’t View My Own Posts!

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Well! Last night I could easily refer back to anything I’d ever posted here.

And today I can’t!

Ya see, WordPress decided to hit its users with some [trumpet fanfare] *changes* that nobody asked for… and it appears those didn’t turn out quite as well as expected. Who do they think they are–Congress?

I have been assured that they will try to restore normalcy sometime [another trumpet fanfare] **In The Future**! I know that’s supposed to make me feel better, but it doesn’t. The future could be, uh, like someday far away when the sun runs out of fuel .

I’m supposed to take my blood pressure in the morning. I haven’t bothered to, today. What would be the point?

Well, I guess, *for the foreseeable FUTURE*, I’ll just have to remember every cotton-pickin’ word I’ve ever written. That would be easy if I were a hedgehog or an ashtray. As a literate human being who makes his living by writing lots of stuff, not so easy.

Lord, give me strength!

5 comments on “Now I Can’t View My Own Posts!

  1. I’ve used WordPress briefly, and it seems not so user friendly. I’ve heard others say the same thing.

  2. Same here. I have plenty of problems with it– and other things. Strength and fortitude, everyone.

  3. Maybe you’ll have to read your posts on someone else’s computer? Or pretend you’re someone else and log in as one of your own readers? There must be a workaround.

    High technology … wonderful stuff … when it works. 🙁

    1. They did give me a workaround, and the first thing it did was trash your comment. I have tried to restore it. The workaround works, sort of, but it’s also three extra steps–three more opportunities to go wrong. *Sigh*

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