Unpredictable Cats (with a couple of dogs thrown in)

You can always predict exactly what some people are going to say or do (you can think of as many examples as I can); but no one can predict what a cat is going to do. Who knew the cat could operate the water cooler? Use the dog’s leash? Turn on the overhead lights? I’ve heard there’s a cat in Albuquerque who can do long division, but I don’t believe it.

4 comments on “Unpredictable Cats (with a couple of dogs thrown in)

  1. I don’t think I would buy the math working cat, but I did have a cat that
    could jump up and open a back door by turning the door knob. He would come in, close the door behind him and come looking for me and meowing to let me know he was home and wanted food

  2. Actually, I’m pretty sure that cat in Albuquerque is real. The last time I drove through there, I saw a cat driving a Mercedes and drinking a Starbucks, headed towards Sandia Labs. 🙂

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