My Newswithviews Column, May 16 (‘A Nation of Stoners’)

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She shoulda got high…?

It is getting hard to crank these out every week, but I can only persevere. If enough of us do it, we just might get somewhere!

A Nation Of Stoners

The answer to the boredom epidemic–pot! Just get too high to notice how bored you are. And don’t forget to vote Democrat when your community organizer comes around to harvest votes. Actually, you can forget–he’ll do it for you.

3 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, May 16 (‘A Nation of Stoners’)

  1. I think these state governments see all the tax money they can make off of it, and darn the consequences. Then again I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the modern version of bread and circus to keep the people placated and distracted.

  2. I think you have something there, Watchman about the bread and circuses. I have seen our parallels with the fallen Rome for some time.

  3. The new Soma? Hey, the governments can make lots of money via taxing the stuff. Why Colorado has even decriminalized magic mushrooms. We can all be Alice, 10 feet tall. With over 70,000 deaths a year in America because of opiod abuse, it seems we are well on our way to being a stoner nation.

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