‘Tots Asked to “Choose Their Gender”‘ (2016)

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How did this wicked foolishness wind up sweeping through the entire Western world? What madness possesses us, that we should tolerate it? I mean, come on, this schlop shouldn’t have lasted ten seconds!


And now we’re “Haters” because we won’t tell a four-year-old boy that he can “choose” to be a girl. He can’t choose to pray on school grounds, but he can “choose” to be a girl.

Damn right I hate this stuff. It reeks of Hell.

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  1. Something is very wrong, with regard to allowing strangers, in the form of educators, to have so much influence on children. It was wrong in my time, with political notions being implanted in the name of education and it’s much, much worse now.

  2. I was the 4th child, a girl, after 3 brothers. My younger brother and I were very close in age and interests. We really like fishing in the Charles River. We were very young but all the neighborhood children were allowed to play outside at will.

    I had both girl and boy friends but played mostly with my brother and his friends. I decided that Cowboys and Indians, and Cops and Robbers were more fun than playing with dolls on the porch. I spent half my life in trees in those days.

    When I was about 7, I asked for a set of guns, holsters, etc., for Christmas, and got them, without question or comment. One day I was walking down the main street, wearing my cowboy outfit and guns. A lady stopped and asked me if I was a boy or a girl? I answered “A boy!”

    I think I said that for shock effect. I really didn’t mind being a girl at all. I just liked playing with the boys. (I still do.)

    Anyway, if that had happened now, I would have been whisked off to an MD for sex change surgery and hormones, totally ruining my life!
    I am now widowed, with three children and six wonderful grandchildren.

    Thank God I grew up then, and not now.

    1. A lot of us feel that way, Evelyn!
      When I was a boy my closest friend was Ellen from across the street, who had brothers, and who did everything us boys did–and did it just as well, too. I’d love to play chess with her again someday.

      And we still have home movies of my sister, age 7, showing off her cowboy outfit, complete with holster and six-gun, and demonstrating her fast draw.

      No fear, back then, of the “school” pressuring our parents to put her on puberty blockers.

      Like I said, this reeks of Hell.

  3. Sex and gender are synonymous, but the Left has created a distinction between the two that did not exist before. The 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, for instance, says gender means “A sex, male or female. Hence,”. In its simplest terms it means “beget, or to be born”.

    But they have redefined gender to mean what one identifies as or how they “feel”. A person them could conceive of an infinite number of genders, all in their head, which have no scientific basis. Biologically there are only two.

    1. I have never in my life seen anything to match the terrible speed with which this delusion has descended on our whole civilization.

    2. I heard someone make a good point about the Tower of Babel. When God confounded the languages and made people spread out, it made it harder for corruption to spread. It was still possible, but it was slow and more difficult.

      But now we’ve reached the technological point where we have bridged the language and travel barrier. When can communicate in real time with people all over the earth. This has allowed the corruption that they are teaching to spread very rapidly. To me it’s another sign of the times we live in.

    3. When God confused our language and divided us into many nations, He was conferring a great blessing on us. It was a protection against a global tyranny. We should learn to value it: at least in this sense, “nationalism” is a very good thing.

  4. It’s frightening how quickly this “choose your gender” movement has dominated in the West. I can’t see it getting much traction in the Muslim countries. Popular TV shows seem obligated to have at least one gay member in the cast. It won’t be long before they begin putting transgender characters as regulars in the story line. My choice of entertainment keeps shrinking. Turner Movie Classics gets a lot of play in my house.

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