Stop This Wickedness

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Bad enough I have to write about this stuff; I’m not going to illustrate it, too! Here, instead, is a nice picture of a red eft.

I’ve held off on writing about the so-called “Equality Act,” which House Democrats passed on Friday while normal people were coming home from work, because I was (and still am, mostly) convinced it was a stunt. The Democrats were using it to stir up their Far Left Crazy base, while conservatives took advantage of it to scare people into donating more money to their cause.

I expect this abomination to die in the Senate. And if not, President Trump has already said he wouldn’t sign it.

This mischief, disguised as a “law,” would be more aptly titled “the Homosexual Supremacy Act.” It would cripple all opposition, even religious opposition grounded in the First Amendment, to the assorted lifestyle innovations so enthusiastically promoted by Democrats. There’s no way we could have both this and freedom of religion, freedom of speech. One or the other would have to go. Guess which one the Democrat Party would like to see erased.

So let’s see what happens in the Senate.

If they fail to stop it there–well, GOP senators, you’re going to be wiped out in the primaries.

Either Christian America wins, or Christian America dies. It’s that simple.

So let’s make sure we win this fight.

12 comments on “Stop This Wickedness

  1. It shows that they do realize what the average, normal person still thinks,
    but tries to disguise their real intent. “A rose by any other name…”

    1. They do it every time–they always find some totally misleading nice-sounding name for whatever evil they wish to do.

  2. The fragrance of Christ has all but left our nation. We have rapidly declined from knowing God to not even knowing if we’re male or female.
    This social engineering will culminate into complete antichrist culture. We’re watching a slow train crash.
    (Appreciate the red eft!)

    1. Government has no authority to do social engineering. They do it anyway.
      If this is not the Antichrist, then it is an enemy that we can, if God will fight for us, defeat and destroy.
      We ought at least to try.

  3. Thank you for the eft! When you put a photo like this on a news story, it always reminds me that God’s will is sovereign and that good will triumph in the end.

    How about profiling one of your heroes? Another favorite character is Helki the Rod. One of my favorite quotes from him is in “Bell Mountain” p. 197 when he praises the Lord after seeing the monstrously great bird.

    1. That was Martin Selbrede’s favorite line in the book. Martin is my boss. It’s good when your boss is a fan of your work.

  4. This has zero chance of passing, much like AOC’s Green New Deal. I’m with you that it’s a PR stunt. But it does highlight just how far-left the Democratic party has gone. They are tyrannical. The only way any normalcy will return to the Democratic party is if their ideas are routinely rejected by the majority of sane Americans until they decide to purge these far-lefties from their party. Not sure if that will actually happen or not.

    1. They have to be put out of business permanently.
      Arising as it does from our fallen, sinful nature, leftism itself will find another vehicle to replace the Democrat Party. But at least we’ll have bought peace for a little while.

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