Stop This Wickedness

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Bad enough I have to write about this stuff; I’m not going to illustrate it, too! Here, instead, is a nice picture of a red eft.

I’ve held off on writing about the so-called “Equality Act,” which House Democrats passed on Friday while normal people were coming home from work, because I was (and still am, mostly) convinced it was a stunt. The Democrats were using it to stir up their Far Left Crazy base, while conservatives took advantage of it to scare people into donating more money to their cause.

I expect this abomination to die in the Senate. And if not, President Trump has already said he wouldn’t sign it.

This mischief, disguised as a “law,” would be more aptly titled “the Homosexual Supremacy Act.” It would cripple all opposition, even religious opposition grounded in the First Amendment, to the assorted lifestyle innovations so enthusiastically promoted by Democrats. There’s no way we could have both this and freedom of religion, freedom of speech. One or the other would have to go. Guess which one the Democrat Party would like to see erased.

So let’s see what happens in the Senate.

If they fail to stop it there–well, GOP senators, you’re going to be wiped out in the primaries.

Either Christian America wins, or Christian America dies. It’s that simple.

So let’s make sure we win this fight.

‘How Badly Do We Need “Openly Gay” Judges?’ (2013)

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You didn’t think I was going to post a picture of a “gay” judge, did you? And on a Sunday, no less. But we did have a deer in our yard this morning.

To the best of my knowledge–maybe the nooze media covered it up–the Obama administration never quite got around to imposing this abomination on us.

How Badly Do We Need ‘Openly Gay’ Judges?

But they wanted to. Oh, yeah, they wanted to. “Openly gay” federal judges. As if the flagrant practice of sodomy were a qualification for a federal judgeship.

Please, please, do not ever again let Democrats seize control of the country.

My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 11 (‘Do We Want to be “Transformed”?’)

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I won’t forget the image of those Democrat wack-jobs clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court while Brett Kavanagh was being sworn in, and neither should you. What would they have done, if they could have broken down the doors?

Welcome to a fundamentally transformed America!

Really, we must not allow this to continue.

Barbarians at the Gates

Image: Protesters storm the steps and doors of the U.S. Supreme Court as Judge Kavanaugh is sworn in as a justice inside in Washington

Far Left Crazy protesters, breaking through a police line Saturday, pounded and clawed at the doors of the Supreme Court while Brett Kavanagh was being sworn in as a justice (

The question is, what would they have done if they’d managed to get in?

Does everybody get it, now, that the Democrat Party is the mob rule party? They tried every trick they knew to stop Kavanagh’s confirmation by the Senate–wild speeches, paid demonstraters, unsupported accusations: everything short of trying to kill the man. And they might have tried that, too, if they could have broken down the doors.

They could have said, “We don’t like this man’s judicial philosophy, we don’t like his politics, we hate the president who nominated him, and we’re just not going to vote for him.” But no–they had to try to brand Kavanagh as the worst sex criminal since Jack the Ripper. And their Far Left Crazy base believed them.

This fight went far beyond being about Judge Kavanagh. Democrats tried to establish that from now on, this country is to be run by pure hysteria. Due process, orderly procedure, rule of law–it all went out the window. They have proved that there’s virtually nothing they won’t do to feed their lust for power.

Now, in next month’s midterm elections, it’s up to us to put them out of business, once and for all. We do not want the kind of country they are selling us, where a man’s politics makes him fair game for any kind of character assassination–a human sacrifice to the Democrat dream of “fundamental transformation.”

God defend us.

Newspaper Calls for ‘Coordinated Attack’ on Trump

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“Objective news reporting,” according to our media

The Boston Globe–how many people still read it?–has called for a coordinated attack on the president of the United States by all of America’s newspapers (

I thought they were already doing that.

They say they’ve got 70, er, newspapers already lined up for an editorial jihad on August 16. They’re mad because President Trump has called out the media for printing fake news. What–y’mean they don’t?

I’ve never in my life seen the nooze media wage war on anyone like they have on this president. They never rest. And it’s not just the papers; it’s all the talking heads on TV, plus Hollywood, plus our collidges and looniversities–it’s all anti-Trump, 24/7/365.

What do you suppose would have happened if even one conservative news source–presuming you could find one–had called for a coordinated editorial attack on President *Batteries Not Included? Racist, racist! Biggit! Hater! Nazi! And so on.

While normal people went peacefully about their business, leftists took control of many of our country’s institutions–the nooze media, “entertainment,” “education,” banks and other business corporations, and even our professional sports leagues. They were going to ram Hillary down our throats so she could finish the “fundamental transformation” that Obama started. They were going to wind up as the absolute rulers of Venezuela North.

They thought they had it in the bag. They were so close to their objective, they could taste it.

And then those pesky American voters snatched it away from them.

They can’t live with that, and they don’t intend to. They’ll overturn that election no matter what it costs.

And that’s why we don’t love them anymore.

Hillary’s Supreme Court Picks

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A visit to an alternative universe almost too horrible to contemplate…

President Hillary Clinton today announced her newest nominee to the Supreme Court, replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy, who drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool two nights ago.

“You’ll all be glad to know–it’s Chelsea!” The president has nominated her own daughter. “She’s smart, she’s a woman, and she is committed to fundamental transformation–not only of society, but of everybody in it, individually.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says Chelsea will be confirmed unanimously, “probably this afternoon.” She will be the second Supreme Court Justice placed by Hillary Clinton, following former attorney general and now Chief Justice Loretta Lynch.

Meanwhile, People’s Social Justice Guards are tracking down enemies of progress and equality and making sure they have nothing more to say. Masked units of the People’s Social Justice Guards have prevented Nazi White Supremacist justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas from coming to court, and Justice Neil Gorsuch is expected to die soon of an unnamed medical condition–which means President Hillary Clinton will soon have three more nominations to offer.

On the short list for those three spots on the high court are former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Representative Maxine Waters, film-maker Michael Moore, gun control activist David Hogg (“Only 18 years old, so he can sit on the court forever!”), several currently incarcerated felons, and at least half a dozen “trans-men” and “trans-women.”

“I think what I’d really like to do is expand the court so they can all be Supreme Court justices,” said the president. “Heck, there might even be a spot for Bill!”

Former President Bill Clinton, who remains in a dormant state following his wife’s election, was unavailable for comment.


Netflix: More Obama!

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You’d think eight interminable years of President *Batteries Not Included would have been enough for anybody, but Democrat ex-presidents never shut up and go away. Now Mr. and Mrs. Obama have struck a deal with Netflix to “produce stories” and “heal the political divide” in America ( By calling everybody but liberals “bitter clingers,” as he once did?

Some of Netflix’s customers are, shall we say, unhappy with this and have threatened to cancel their subscriptions.

The purpose of the “stories,” the worst president ever said, is to “train the next generation of leaders.” Heaven forbid: that kind of leadership, no country needs. Where would such leaders take us? More “fundamental transformation”?

What’s deeply offensive is the Obamas and Netflix striking a pose of nonpartisanship. The CEO of Netflix endorsed Hillary Clinton, who refers to normal Americans as “deplorables,” and warned that unless we elected The Smartest Woman Ever, Donald Trump would “destroy America.”

But open borders, spying on your political rivals, politicizing the agencies of government that everybody has to pay for, “gay marriage” and transgenderism taught in grade school, and making it a crime to question Global Warming… won’t?

If there were just some way to get this guy out of our hair!

Arne Duncan: Boycott Schools Till Gun Laws Change

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Obama-era Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is in the nooze again, this time calling for a nationwide boycott of public schools “until the gun laws change” (

For once we can agree with Arne. By all means pull the kids out of those schools! Because the “education” that they get there sucks. Let’s go a step farther: pull ’em out and never send ’em back.

Has Arne really thought this through? He calls on 50 million parents to pull their kids out of public school. For how long? “Until the laws change.” But what if that takes a long, long time? Do we keep on paying exorbitant school tax while the buildings sit unused? What about teacher salaries and pensions? True, we already get virtually nothing for all that money anyhow, but this is drastic. And what about salaries and benefits for administrators, first-grade guidance counselors, gender counselors, diversity experts, and the rest of the crew?

And what would he consider adequate changes in the gun laws? We already have scores of gun laws, dozens of which get broken whenever anyone decides to massacre his fellow citizens. What new gun laws do you want, Arne? Libs are usually afraid to admit they want to abolish our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Meanwhile in Merrie England, where private ownership of a gun for self-defense is all but forbidden, the murder rate in London has surpassed that of New York City. For some reason the criminals over there just aren’t obeying Britain’s gun laws.

Arne, old sport, be careful what you wish for. Take the kids out of public school, and the whole progressive project goes down the drain. Stop indoctrinatin’ and presto, no more new liberals!

The colleges won’t thank you for it, man.

What Happened to the Liberal Scream-Fest?

Yo, leftids! I can’t hear you screaming. What happened? You promised you were gonna get together today, thousands of you, and “scream helplessly at the sky” to protest the American people’s election of Donald Trump, a year ago, to be their president. And so another liberal wing-ding fails to come off.

What’s that you say? You don’t have to scream–because Democrats won yesterday in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York City. Yes, they held on to these leftid hell holes; and that proves the American people have seen the error of their ways and now, yes, now, they are solidly behind your program of open borders and sanctuary cities, jail for Climbit Change deniers, Obamacare forever, “hate speech” laws out the wazoo, abortion, transgender, confiscation of firearms, citizen of the world, astronomically high taxes, and finish the job of Fundamental Transformation of America!

Yes, it all worked! The Antifa riots. The other riots. The football protests. All that Russia crap. Trashing historical monuments. Yup, you found the key to America’s heart, and 2018 should be a real walkover for Democrats. You’ll take over and put the country back on track to become the Venezuela of the North.

And here I was, thinking it just goes to show that wet, soggy, waterlogged, bow tie and country club, dull as dishwater “moderate Republicans” from the GOP Establishment just can’t beat anybody. And all just because they don’t appeal to anybody.

But obviously I was wrong. Democrats won yesterday, and here they come!

Yes, We Need the Pastor Protection Act

Texas has it, and now Florida–the Pastor Protection Act, whose purpose is to prevent the state from forcing clergy and churches to perform homosexual parodies of marriage ( ).

All 50 states ought to have it, and the sooner, the better.

Opponents of the bill–would it surprise you to hear they’re all Democrats?–say they don’t need such a bill, the First Amendment already gives churches and ministers all the protection they need, no way any state is gonna force them to do gay marriages…

Uh… Really, how could they be so ignorant?

In 2007 the state of New Jersey punished the Methodist church in the town of Ocean Grove for not allowing a church-owned facility to be used for a lesbian parody of a wedding. In 2012 a “judge” upheld the state’s action. ( )

So, please, don’t anybody fall into the error of thinking the Constitution will protect us and our churches, because obviously it won’t. The Constitution only means what five Supreme Court justices say it does from day to day: the protection you have on Wednesday may not exist on Thursday.

Oh! And another opponent of the Act argued, “What would Jesus do?”, as if Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who proclaimed “I come to fulfill the law,” would set aside God the Father’s words and blithely perform unholy parodies of “marriage” of men with men, women with women. So we are treated to blasphemy on top of idiocy.

Helpful hint to our leaders, our–ahem!–thinkers, our movers and shakers–

We are getting awfully, terribly, unendurably sick and tired of all this, and we are truly, hotly, deeply mad at you. We want to live our lives in peace, just minding our own business, but you keep meddling, poking, taxing, and imposing your fundamental transformation of our country on us–and we have had just about enough of it.