Judge Blocks Gov’t Attempt to Stop ‘Big Tech Collusion’ Lawsuit

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Did Big Tech collude with the Biden administration to suppress points of view that the administration doesn’t like? Honk if you think that never happened. And then get help.

A federal judge in Louisiana has denied the government’s request to dismiss a lawsuit, brought by the states of Louisiana and Missouri, that claims that the government huddled with the big social media companies in an organized campaign of viewpoint suppression (https://www.ntd.com/judge-dismisses-biden-admins-motion-to-dismiss-big-tech-collusion-case_908620.html). So the lawsuit will go forward.

The judge said he was “unpersuaded” by The Regime’s arguments. Give him high marks for understatement.

As a rule of thumb, honest men and women have no need to silence other people by cheating and colluding. Which is to say, The government is acting guilty. And so are their puppets in Big Tech.

Let’s pray the judge will throw the book at them.

‘America’s Nooze Media: The Dog That Didn’t Bark’ (2014)

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“I’m comin’, boss, I’m comin’!”

Remember this caper from the Obama era? They wanted to station government stooges in the newsrooms to make sure the nooze media were properly subservient to Dear Leader. And the noozies would’ve let them do it, too… if someone hadn’t spilled the beans before they were ready.

America’s Nooze Media: The Dog That Didn’t Bark

It’s no different today, nine years later. They’re still trying to wipe out free speech, silence dissent. So the FBI tells Twitter what to publish and what to censor, and Twitter answers “Yes, master! To hear is to obey!”

They’ll never stop trying to enslave us.

Police Officer Has to Resign for Supporting Traditional Marriage

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We don’t need no stinkin’ free speech!

Maybe they’re not just whistling Dixie, the wannabe rulers of the world, when they predict “hate speech” will soon be made against the law here in America, as they’re busy doing in Europe. Maybe we in the USA are already starting to see this happen.

A 19-year-old police officer in Georgia has resigned rather than to be “put on leave”–which means “suspended”–for putting a 20-word message on his Facebook page supporting traditional marriage (https://www.dailysignal.com/2023/01/25/exclusive-police-officer-resigns-after-being-put-on-leave-for-facebook-post-on-traditional-marriage/?fbclid=IwAR1IYeyN6TdY5c8NrCrlegOIpZsn4QXTFKSBx-mAZ32Zq0PmH7g9fPuaNTc). “Traditional” in this sense means “real.” Not a same-sex parody of marriage.

His superiors told him to delete the post because it was “fireable.” Splitting hairs, they told him that a direct quote from Scripture wouldn’t be “fireable,” but for him to state a personal opinion in support of the Scripture–well, then it’s adios, muchacho.

Oh–and they also said that for him to state that opinion would be against “separation of church and state.” Those words are found nowhere in the Constitution, but never mind–you can’t say them. ‘Cause you’re a cop, see; and as a cop, your free speech is… uh… “limited.” Honk if that makes sense to you. So you have to delete your post because “someone complained.” Any “someone” will do, it seems.

The officer resigned from the force rather than surrender to the Thought Police.

Is ours still a free country? The jury’s out on that one.


Fantastic Idea! Race-Based ‘Hate Speech’ Laws

Things that scare the living bejeezus out of me.

This is your government. Nice threads. (Oops! Federal offense!)

Red state Texas, hot dog. They keep electing Far Left wacko Sheila Jackson Lee–has she been in the House of Representatives forever, or does it only seem that way?

Anyhow, she’s got this swell idea to widen “hate speech” laws so they can be applied to almost anything you might possibly say: but more specifically, to make it a federal offense for a white person to express criticism or disapproval “directed against any non-White person or group” (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/sheila-jackson-lee-introduces-bill-criminalizing-hate-speech).

It got shot down in the House; but the next time Democrats cheat enough to take back the House, they’ll try again.

So let’s say you write a comment on a Facebook page, “I’m sick and tired of Black Lives Matter’s Marxist hypocrisy.” Uh-oh! It’s off to Leavenworth for you! Anything you say that can possibly be seen as an expression of “white supremacy” would brand you guilty of “hate.” (Don’t be confused. It’s not hate when Democrats do it. Ms. Lee can hate you 24/7. But if you say she’s a racist, you could face federal hate crime charges!)

Sometimes I’m surprised America makes it to the end of the week, given the multitude of villains, ninnies, bog-hoppers, schmendricks, jidrools, and wastes of space whom we allow to “govern” us.

And someday it’ll be against the law for me to say that… if “Progressives” have their way.

They’re At It Again: New ‘Disinformation’ Task Force

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She thinks it’s funny. Do we?

Democrats will never give up their dream of stifling free speech. So first they tried a “disinformation board,” but that blew up in their faces, once the public found out about it.

Last week they announced Dis-Info 2.0–a “task force” (oh, good grief!) headed by the virtually brainless Kamala Harris and also including administration goons Alejandro Mayorkas (Homeland Security), integrity-challenged Attorney General Merrick Garland, and bumbling Secretary of State Antony Blinken (where’s Winken and Nod?).

The purpose of the task force is to “protect” “political figures” and journalists from Internet harassment and abuse. (But they’re the ones who need harassment and abuse!) And Cherished Minorities, of course: they need government protection. ‘Cause they get “terrorized” by the rest of us. See who gets punished for abusing, harassing, or terrorizing Christians or conservatives. Don’t hold your breath.

Is there anyone in this administration you respect? Is there anyone in it who is not a crook or an idiot or both?

The Last Free Country Left on Earth

The 'Spirit of '76' in PSJ

Is the United States of America the last free country left on earth? Sometime it seems so.

Have you ever wondered why we have a First Amendment, and other countries don’t? This important piece of our law, the Constitution, guarantees us (in order) freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and petition the government for relief of our grievances. No other country has these guarantees.

Which doesn’t stop Democrats and other elements of Far Left Crazy from trying to take them away from us and either erase them altogether or else reserve these liberties to themselves alone. Hence a “Disinformation Governance Bureau,” “hate speech” rules, and all the rest. (Hint: It’s “fundamental transformation”!)

There are countries in the, ahem, “Free World” where I’d be silenced for the things I write. Tell me I’d be safe in Canada, the UK, or Australia. All of these countries had more freedom not that many years ago.

Our country’s founders had to have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. They hazarded their lives to win these freedoms, and so they could pass them on to their descendants. The leftids would replace these our natural rights with BS made-up pseudo-rights (unlimited abortion, LGBTQetc, transgender, illegal immigration, and on and on and on)–and above all, a supposed “right” to fornication.

There’s global government sniffing around, in search of vulnerabilities. Global government whose grand panjandrums think of most of us as “useless” or “worthless” people, fit only to be kept quiescent with drugs and video games.

We need our Spirit of ’76! Yes, we still need it after all these years; and always will.

How Democrats ‘Support’ Free Speech

The Limits of Free Speech | PolicyEd

Authoritarian Far Left statists though they are, Democrats are still reluctant to admit that they would like to scrap the Bill of Rights–especially the right to free speech. We all know that they believe that free speech should only be for speech that they want to hear. Everything else would be “hate speech” or “disinformation,” for which you should be severely punished.

Even so, the latest Democrat mantra is “We support free speech…” And then there’s a “but” or an “as long as” which negates their support of any freedom.

Here are a few of the most popular caveats and add-ons. Each sentence starts with “We support free speech,” or even “Of course we support free speech!”

*”As long as it doesn’t cross the line.” (What line? It usually turns out that only the Dems know where that line is.)

*”As long as it’s used responsibly, with respect for all.” (Are they kidding? The day they show respect for anyone, they’ll be six feet underground.)

*”But it must never be used for disinformation.” Unless Democrats speak to deceive us; then it’s okay.

*”But misinformation does real harm, and must be curtailed!” Again, unless they’re the ones spouting the misinformation. Then it’s okay. But for everyone else, the penalties for simply being wrong must be really harsh.

*”As long as it doesn’t trample on anyone else’s free speech.” (You have to shut up because some trans performance artist had a tantrum when he real your blog post.)

You can see where this is heading. They’d love to be able to jail you for Climate Change Denial, mis-gendering, or laughing at John Kerry. But until they’re able to do that, they’ll have to be content with herding you toward the open jailhouse door.

Now They Want to Put Their Words into Your Mouth

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Just another form of force-feeding!

You knew they’d never be content with just censoring and silencing everyone who isn’t them. True, they’ll never be content with anything: that’s what it means to be a “progressive”: you’re always sitting on a nail.

And so… having created a “Bureau of Misinformation,” which is called The Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984, the damned thing’s hardly up and running yet and they already want to expand its powers.


Lefty loon Nina Janowicz, tapped to direct the agency, now says she wants “trusty, verifiable people” (whatever the dickens that means) to “add context” to other people’s posts and tweets. ‘Cause Ex-President *Batteries Not Included sez just plain censorship “doesn’t go far enough.”

So let’s say you Tweet, “Joe Biden is a paragon of senility.” One of Janowicz’s playmates sees that and changes it to read, “Joe Biden is a paragon.” Or he could add some context: like, “The person who tweeted this is a Hater and a Neo Nazi!” Actually, it seems they can do anything that pops into their heads.

How do you get truth out of people who say there is no truth, there’s only “constructs”–and their “constructs” somehow get treated as absolute truth?

Work and pray for a total wipe-out of the Democrat Party this November.


Can They Force You to Say Things That Violate Your Conscience?

to put words in(to) someone's mouth

Colorado’s at it again, wiping out civil liberties because those are not as important as… “gay marriage.” This time the target is a web designer who says she can’t design wedding pages for same-sex faux “marriages”–even though she hasn’t yet actually designed any wedding pages (https://www.dailywire.com/news/supreme-court-agrees-to-hear-colorado-case-over-lgbt-discrimination-and-freedom-of-speech).

This is Colorado’s “Anti-Discrimination Act,” last heard from when these tinpot tyrants spent years trying to force a Christian baker to design cakes for same-sex parodies of weddings. What they want is the power to put words in your mouth: compelled speech. This is a pre-emptive strike against a citizen and her religious liberties.

If they can get away with that, then there is no First Amendment anymore. And where will they stop–with lions in the arena?

So this case is going to the U.S. Supreme Court, and we’ll see if the judges are at all serious about protecting our liberties.

P.S.–Well, that report left a bad taste in my mouth! I think when I get back from the store I’ll try try an Oy, Rodney episode. And then try to work on my book.

‘Faux-Cahontas’ Sued for Trying to Get Book Suppressed

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When she’s not carousing in the Senate…

When a U.S. Senator writes to the head honcho of a major book distributor to get them to stop promoting a book, censorship is standing on the doorstep.

Sen Elizabeth Warren charged that the book, The Truth About Covid-19, is chock-full of “misinformation.” Sen. Warren is famous for having long claimed to be a Native American–a claim that was dramatically refuted by DNA evidence when she ran for president last year.

The suit against her has been filed by the publisher, Chelsea Green Publishing, the co-authors, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Robin Cummins, and the author of the forward, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The plaintiffs say Warren–who falsely claimed to be a Native American–is trying to deprive them of their First Amendment rights.

What legal theory is she trying to push on us? [Note: Warren has falsely claimed to be a Native American–and cashed in on it.] Supposedly this book has to be suppressed because it contains “misinformation.” What does that mean? Has it got its facts wrong? Did the authors include a lot of B.S. that they made up? Are some things confused with others?

Because if “misinformation” means what most of us think it means, then no one’s safe from censorship–and possible criminal penalties!–because anyone can be… wrong. Crikey, CNN and MSNBC wouldn’t last ten minutes without misinformation. And what would happen to political campaigns? And advertising?

Or does “misinformation” merely denote something that deviates from the party line as laid out by prominent Democrats, at least one of whom pretends to be an Indian?

When a U.S. Senator suggests that maybe you’d better stop promoting a book, if you know what’s good for you–well, it would take someone bolder than the CEO at Amazon Books to tell her to go pack up her teepee.

Amazon promised to stop promoting the book, and stopped offering the e-book for sale.