Down with Leaf Blowers!

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Okay! It’s a beautiful, mild, sunny spring day. And that means it’s time for… LEAF BLOWERS!!!

Yes, shatter the peace of your neighborhood, drown out the bird song, blow rodent feces all over the place! Braaaaap! Whommmmp! What? There’s someone trying to think? Well, lemme at him! Braaaaap! Whommmmmp!

And we’ve also got fat guys on riding mowers “landscaping” yards the size of postage stamps, and guys with really noisy air compressors so they can power-wash their driveways.

Are we in Mordor?

There really must be something wrong with us.

10 comments on “Down with Leaf Blowers!

  1. I’m right there with you, Lee. I will be enjoying the peace and quiet in the beauty of my backyard then a neighbor has to run his riding mower and use the leaf blower. It is flee inside the house and hide until the tempest has passed.

  2. Noisy neighbors are worse than nosy neighbors! Down with loud “music.” Down with jackhammers! Down with noise!!

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