‘You Are My Sunshine’

This is among my very earliest memories: my father carrying me in his arms, rocking me, and singing this to me: You Are My Sunshine. And if I tried to sing it now, wit you well, it would make me cry. I dassn’t even play it on my harmonica.

I had these fantods, see, of undefined scary things assembling outside my bedroom window and whispering evilly among themselves, just waiting for me to fall asleep so they could come in and get me. So Daddy had to come and calm me down, which of course he always did.

I hope he knows how much I miss him.

And now I have to stop, because it’s getting to me.

7 comments on “‘You Are My Sunshine’

  1. Wow, it has been a long, long time since I heard this one. This, and the old Roy Rogers singing and movies were the main entertainment in my young days, and all my relatives used to go around singing these favorites.

  2. Loved those singing cowboys.

    This morning my wife woke me to tell me my brother-in-law had died (not unexpected). When I went to call my sister all we could do was cry, so I will call her again later today. She married when 17. What a testament to the strength of marriage they have been for me. So I will be leaving for Arizona some time this week.

  3. Happy memories make us sad when we remember them. Sad memories make us sad when we remember them. It isn’t easy being human…

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