‘German Gov’t to People: “Defend Yourselves”; People to Gov’t: “With What?”‘ (2016)

This is one of those stories that never gets followed up: I don’t know how it turned out.

German Gov’t to People: ‘Defend Yourselves’ ; People to Gov’t: ‘With What?’

It reminds me of the Roman Emperor Honorius pulling the legions out of Britain and telling the citizens, “Look to your own defenses.” At least he didn’t have to say, “While we stay here and just sit around playing Old Maid while the barbarians eat you alive.”

A government that won’t defend its citizens has no reason for existing.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking–about Democrats and border security?

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  1. Indeed! If we do not care to defend our borders, our laws and Constitution, then we do not have a country, or the right to one.

    1. But the problem throughout the west is governments that actively refuse to protect their own citizens. You know–the kind of government that Democrats want to impose on us. In fact, these governments actively restrict our ability to defend ourselves.

    2. The politics of victimhood. There are a lot of people in this world with terrible problems and some places on earth have terrible conditions. I’m all for helping others, but we need to do so without destroying ourselves in the process.

    3. Very much of the poverty and injustice in this world is caused by… government!

      Look at Costa Rica. Right in the middle of Central America–and no revolutions, no wars, decent standard of living, plenty of civil liberty: how do they do it? By not having dictators! Costa Rica has nothing that Panama or Guatemala, etc., doesn’t have, in terms of natural resources. But they don’t have Central American politics, either, and that makes all the difference. When tyranny is replaced by rule of law and decency, the standard of living quickly begins to rise. But rule of law and decency are becoming an endangered species in this world.

  2. That’s my go to argument against gun control, it takes away the ability of law abiding citizens to defend themselves. You can’t rely on the police to save you in a life or death situation, they usually arrive after the facts.

  3. Democrats, border security, RINOS, Antifa, deep state, foreign invaders, the Fed, UN, pedophiles. militant cops and worst of all, armed gun-grabbers!!

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