German Government Warns Jews, ‘Don’t Wear Skullcaps’

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(Thanks to Erlene for the news tip)

Here’s a story that America’s free and independent nooze media hasn’t given much play.

God told Abraham, “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:3).

But in Germany Angela Merkel’s government, through its commissioner on anti-Semitism, has told Abraham’s descendants not to wear their skullcaps because of “potential dangers” (

Assaults on Jews in Germany have markedly increased; and although the government likes to blame the “far right” for these incidents, many involve Muslim “asylum seekers” which Chancellor Merkel continues to import by the thousands.

Germany’s best-selling newspaper, Bild, has objected strenuously to the warning, and gone so far as to publish cut-out skullcaps which it has urged all Germans to wear, to show solidarity with their country’s Jewish citizens. Bild’s editor-in-chief has written passionately on Germany’s need never again to let Jews be persecuted there–need any reader be reminded of the Holocaust?

Job One for any government, anywhere, is to protect its own citizens from anyone who’d do them harm. A government unable or unwilling to do this has no reason for existing.

Merkel’s government seems to be admitting that it just can’t do this job. In that case, sunshine, why are you still there? Make way for a government that will protect its citizens and ensure their right to live in peace.

God gave us separate nations and languages to protect us from the global tyranny whose symbol was the Tower of Babel. There is only one Person whose right it is to govern all the earth, and that is Jesus Christ. A Christless global government would be the Antichrist.

And we can count on both the blessing and the curse to be still in effect.

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  1. Amen to all your remarks. Things are going to heat up, I think, sooner
    that most folks will be prepared for. We need to do all we can to fight
    this and witness salvation to everyone possible.
    How is Patty doing today? Praying for you and her.

    1. Thanks, Erlene, we need those prayers.

      Nothing much to report today. It keeps threatening to rain, and the weather gets her down–but that’s always been so.

  2. Yes, rainy and overcast, dark, gloomy weather does nothing for one’s mood. It affects some worse than others, and I’m kind of in between. It rains here more than I like. I’ll keep praying.

    1. Sorry. The word “muslim” or “skull”? Please feel free to delete my comment. I posted the same on Twitter.

    2. Again, i’m so-o-o sorry. I’ll be more “judicious” next time, promise. It would hurt me greatly, as I’m sure it would hurt all of your followers if you were to “get in trouble” for anything. Yet, as the global train rolls on, we will all be in trouble and will probably have to take classes to learn what we can no longer say & which words in the New and Improved Global Dictionary are verboten. However, I wouldn’t want to be the one to cause YOU trouble, and yet, someone will be used as an excuse for wordhunters to ban someone else. Even congress is engaged in censorship. One evil “Shut Up and Be Happy” cabal.

    3. I’ve been thinking it over, and have decided that if I’m gonna get banned or trolled, silenced, spindled, or mutilated, I’d want it to be for something that I said on purpose, knowing it would really cheese them off. So as long as you’ve said it’s OK with you, I’ll delete that one comment.

  3. The rise of anti-semitism is rapid and not at all unexpected. Zechariah 12 says that Jerusalem will become a burden to the nations. It seems to be happening before our eyes.

  4. Merkel recently gave the commencement speech at Harvard University during which she took shots at our President. Before WWII Germany had become a safe haven for Jews, but because they prospered so well the envy of the Nazis propagandized about them which led to the final solution.

  5. For some reason Word Press is making me sign in every day in order to post a comment. Anyone else having this issue? FYI: I read where Word Press is censoring posts that speak ill of Islam. Pretty hard not to speak ill of Islam since it is a false religion.

    1. I had the same wordpress problem when I got a new laptop, but then it stopped when I changed password. It seems WordPress and Disqus have joined the censorship cabal. WordPress, disgus and FB all refuse to let me post anything about muslims or guns. WordPress already banned several conservative and Christian sites. Disgus no longer sends me replies to my comments and sends me on a loop when I try to access it. We’re being silenced, just in time for 2020.

    2. I wonder how they missed me.
      Any criticism of Islam is “hate” or “Islamophobia.” Any criticism of Christianity is intellectual coolness.
      Like I said, you could cut the hypocrisy with a butter knife.

    3. Without hypocrisy, liberalism would die a slow death. There should be a special vaccine just for them. PS: I believe WordPress works against certain sites and yours in not in their crosshairs, yet.

  6. Here’s an article about the new leader of Italy and how Pope Francis is against him. Why? Because he is using Christian symbols in his campaign. Why is the Vatican against him? Salvini is against free immigration.

    Or how about Disney boycotting Alabama when they freely do business with countries that have outlawed abortion.

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