‘Wacko Mayor Pushes for Meatless City’ (2016)

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Europe always makes me glad to be an American.

Actually, I don’t know how this turned out–the mayor of Turin, Italy, trying to force her whole city to be vegetarian.

Wacko Mayor Pushes for Meatless City

But she had a “manifesto”! Every schmendrick on the planet has a manifesto. In fact, it’s getting hard to be a mere putz without a manifesto.

I can’t explain why certain individuals want to control other people’s lives, even to deciding what those others can or can’t eat. It’s a mental disorder affecting 100% of liberals and globalists.

Incidentally, Turin has a reputation as an unofficial capital of Satanism.

Update: There is no update. I can’t find a follow-up story.

But you will be pleased to know that being a vegetarian will Stop Climbit Change And Save The Planet.

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  1. As society abandons sexual morality, they seem to replace it with something else. BTW, the Bible explicitly permits the consumption of meat, but there are a lot of people whom do not care what the Bible has to say.

  2. In Hinduism you are not suppose to eat meat because the violence that is done to the animal during its slaughter has negative vibrations that live on in the people who he it. God commanded Noah to eat meat – maybe as a symbol of Jesus’ cross in that He had to die so we could have true life.

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