More Cats and Mirrors

Cats confronting mirrors–it gets me every time. These cats just don’t get it. Or do they? Sometimes it seems they’re making a game of it.

I held up a mirror, once upon a time, to my little dime-store “chameleon” (Carolina anole, to give the lizard its proper name), and he totally freaked out. No game there! I had to take the mirror away before he did himself a mischief.

6 comments on “More Cats and Mirrors

  1. Iggy doesn’t seem to be particularly interested in the cat in the mirror — or, rather, he seems to know it’s just an image of himself.

    1. None of my cats has ever been all that responsive to the image in the mirror. Some of my college education must rub off on them. I never attack my reflection, or even try to surprise it by suddenly looking behind the mirror.

  2. Hello Mr. Duigon!

    I was wondering if you ever got my email about the script, and what you thought of it, if you did receive it. My email is having some troubles, so just let me know if I should resend it.


  3. With kittens, I suspect that they really think that there’s a cat behind the mirror and they want to engage with it. When they try to get behind the mirror, that makes me think that they actually think there’s another cat, somewhere. As they mature, I expect that many of them realize that there’s not really another cat there, but they love to attack anything that moves and it’s just too much fun to resist.

    My little Siamese has never reacted to her reflection, that I can recall. Even as a baby, she seemed completely calm about her reflection, although she reacts to animal videos on the iPad.

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