Where Did Everybody Go?

Not much action here, throughout the afternoon.

Well, maybe I need some other material. Like Sinbad and the Roc, for instance. I just love the music by Bernard Herrmann, and the stop-motion monster by Ray Harryhausen. The clip is from The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, vintage 1958. Heh-heh, this’ll fetch ’em!

4 comments on “Where Did Everybody Go?

  1. I loved those Sinbad movies! That two-headed bird reminded me of Mayor Pete and his run for the Presidency on the one hand, and his mission as an evangelist for a Christian god who endorses homosexuality on the other. I am pretty sure Pete’s god will be at all the Gay Pride events happening this month cheering them on.

  2. Just a lot of chores to take care of today. My brain is too fuzzy to … uh, what was I talking about again? 🙂

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