Dream or Vision? (Who Knows?)

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You know I make use of dreams when I’m writing a Bell Mountain novel.

The Wind from Heaven must be blowing for me, because here’s what I dreamed last night, which I will incorporate into the book as I write it.

It was one of those dreams in which you don’t know you’re dreaming because it starts out so mundane and ordinary. I dreamed it was night-time and I had to walk out to the curb to bring in the garbage cans. There seemed to be no traffic, no engine noise, out on Main Street–which should have tipped me off right there that I was dreaming.

The night was quiet and still, everybody’s lights were out… And as if from some great distance, I heard as it were the sound of many voices chanting:

“King Ozias! King Ozias! King Ozias!”

And just out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a great lion pass silently into the deeper shadows. It was Ozias, of course, who composed the sacred “Song of the Lion.” And it was Ozias, the last anointed king of Obann, who is the ancestor of the present king, Ryons–the first to hold the title “king of Obann” for some two thousand years.

I can hardly wait to get out there and write this into the story.

P.S.–If you missed earlier posts, The Wind from Heaven is the title of the new book I’ve just started writing.

6 comments on “Dream or Vision? (Who Knows?)

  1. That sounds very interesting. I have dreams like this at times. I once was standing face to face with a huge dragon, I took a bow and arrows and shot it in both shoulders, and as it was crumbling, it sadly said to me, “I thought we were friends”, then out from its belly came a baby dragon who spotted a little girl to my right and attacked her. Weird, huh?

  2. I have pondered this many times, and all I can think of is the dragon symbol is satan, and he probably was telling me that in my life before salvation, I was his friend and he didn’t like losing one of his own. The rest, I still don’t quite understand, but it could be that anything coming out of the enemy is still vicious and will attack “children”. Can’t really say for sure.

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